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two young women holding signs that say, Love Open Streets, prove it. #openstreetsto

Open Streets – the second, and final, Open Streets for 2018 was held last Sunday.   Large sections of Bloor and Yonge Streets downtown were closed to traffic leaving lots of room for cyclists, pedestrians and a number of activities.

below: Axe Capoeira

a man is flipping upside down in front of an audience on the sidewalk

below: Mayada’s Belly Dance at Yonge & Bloor

the intersection of Yonge and Bloor at Open Streets, belly dancers performing for an audience, Nordstroms Rack store in the background

below: And other dancing in the street too – or rather, a very active fitness session!

four young people dancing in the street, two male and two female.

below: It looks like animals can dance too… this dog seems to be having a great time!

people in life size animal costumes including heads, dance along in a fitness session on Yonge street during Open Streets

below: Little drummer boy on a fancy Home Depot drum set!

a young boy uses wooden drum sticks to bang on upturned orange plastic buckets from Home Depot, outside, activity at Open Streets

looking east on Bloor past the Royal Ontario Museum, no traffic, for Open Streets, some cyclists, tall buildings in the background

below: Decorating bikes and scooters

close up of hands decorating a scooter with flowers and foam shapes

below: Sharing a hammock in the middle of Yonge Street.

a young couple share a hammock strung between two trees on a diving strip own the middle of Yonge Street, their bikes are parked beside the hammock

a woman with flowers in hair in profile

below: Trumpet lessons

a man teaches a boy to blow a trombone, outdoors, activity on the sidewalk during Open Streets

a couple cycles together up Yonge street, on rented Bixi bikes, holding hands

below: Yoga in the park

doing yoga on grass laid down on the street, Bloor Street, temporary park for Open Streets

below: And for those who were looking for something less active…

a man has fallen asleep on the grass beside the OPen Streets Park sign,

below:  Yonge Street was also on the route of the 2018 Toronto AIDS walk

a policeman on a bike leads an AIDS walk up Yonge Street, people holding a banner follow him and then many people wearing red T-shirts

people wearing red T-shirts and carrying signs, walking in a walk to raise funds and awareness for AIDS, on Yonge Street.

below: A Lamborghini.  0 to 60 in how many seconds?

turquoise Lamburghini bike locked along with other bikes

two women sitting on the steps of a building having a discussion, a yellow bike is in the foreground

two women walk with their young children, strollers, down Yonge Street during OPen Streets, downtown Toronto in the background

buildings with lots of glass, on stilts, built over the water at Ontario Place

After parts were shuttered 40 years ago, Ontario Place has re-opened to the public.  The spherical Cinesphere and the buildings that are over the water are not open but the grounds are.

below: Canadian and Ontario flags fly along the docks of the Ontario Place Marina.

flags line the walkway leading from the dome shaped cinesphere at Ontario Place,

below: Double trouble.   Hot x 2

close up photo of a small part of the side of the cinesphere building, showing the metal bars that form the exoskeleton structure of the spherical building

below: Those are some very big boats!

four or five very large yachts are moored in the harbour along Toronto's waterfront, highrises in the background

There is also a new park, Trillium Park, that has been built on the eastern end of Ontario Place.  It is 7.5 acres of green space with a 1.3 km trail (the William G. Davis trail) winding through it.

below: Trillium Park provides new angles from which to view the CN Tower and the Toronto skyline.

couple, man and woman, sitting together, on a grassy hill. The CN Tower is behind them.

below: It is also a spot from which to watch airplanes as they take off from Billy Bishop Airport.

a man in a red baseball cap sits on a rock, his bike parked beside, while watching a pOrter airlines plane take off from Billy Bishop Airport

below: Sunbathers

two people lying on a blanket on a grassy area in a park, trees in the background

below: Rock climbing

a boy stands on top of a pile of rocks, his father is beginning to climb up the rocks to reach him

purple cone head flowers

a woman sits on a rock wall, looking out over Lake ontario, there are boats on the water and a sea gull flying past

below: Water levels in Brigantine Cove, like all of Lake Ontario, are higher than usual.

an electrical plug in station stands in the water by a flooded dock at Brigantine Cove, Ontario Place, with sailboats in the background.

below: There are still some traces of the amusement park rides that were once there. There is no water in the boat ride, but the bilingual warning signs are still on the rocks. “Keep hands, arms and head inside boat. Stay seated.”

a woman standing between two rocks pretends to be riding in a boat as she points to a sign that says

below: Tbonez (urban ninja squadron) must have been to Ontario Place recently

a urban ninja squadron sticker on the side of a metal staircase that was painted brown but the paint is peeling off

below: Crochet street art, marine life, discovered clinging to the underside of a small wooden bridge.
This picture is upside down.

crocheted sea creatures clinging to the underside of a wood bridge

below: A painting of a man painting and of his shadow painting.

painting on a cylindrical building, of a man on a ladder, painting, also his shadow

below: And last, music events are held at Echo Beach, a section of Ontario Place.  The day that I was there a steady background noise from the electronic (techno?  I’m out of date on newer music genres) music permeated the park.  You couldn’t escape it.   This isn’t the best picture but I didn’t get very close – my poor head!  I was interested in the palm trees but I couldn’t get the right angle.   There are other music events happening this summer so maybe you can time your visit to coincide with music that you like!


Jesus in the City parade 
They walked north from Queens Park to Bloor, south on Yonge, and then back across College to Queens Park and they walked with exuberance and joy.

A young black man is holding a banner in a parade. He is looking upwards. Other people around him are also holding banners. The banners are gold and each one has the name of a book of the bible on it.

Many people holding a long banner at the start of a parade. The banner says Jesus in the city. This is the name of the parade.

below: The man who played Jesus was very good
The cold hard pavement couldn’t have been easy on his body.

Four men are reenacting Jesus being taken by the Romans for crucifixion. A man is on the ground while the Roman soldiers whip and beat him. A cross is lying on the ground too. A group of upset women onlookers (part of the acting) follow behind. Part of the Jesus in the city parade.

A group dressed in red t-shirts blowing horns

Four women wearing long ruffled skirts in white, red and yellow, swishing their skirts side to side as they walk in a parade

Two women in blue t-shirts are holding a banner in a parade. Others are walking with them. The banner says Jesus Christ in large red letters. There are smaller words in blue below that are a verse from Matthew that starts with Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. The group is from the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry

Three girls riding on a float in the Jesus in the CIty parade.

A man wearing a t-shirt that says Jesus in the City Celebration on the back. He is holding a young girl who is wearing a jacket with a hood that has little ears on it.

A woman poses with a red, yellow and green striped flag as she walks in a parade

A black man is wearing a yellow sign around his neck. It says Sing aloud unto God our strength make a joyful noise unto the God of Jacob.

Three young women pose with a heart that they have made out of two long skinny balloons.

A group of young people are walking in a parade. Some are waving to the camera. One girl is holding a banner with just the word Jesus on it.

Two young black women on a float in a parade. One has her arms outstretched wide as she sings along with some music. Under them is a sign that says Jesus is the Rock.

Some women are waving large coloured flags. A purple flag, and a green flag are the ones in the foreground.

some people wearing white robes and large gold angel wings are walking in a parade. Three of them are holding signs. The first signs says Jesus Saves. The second sign says Jesus is the only way to heaven. The third sign says Avoid hell repent trust Jesus today.

An older black woman with a very big smile is holding a sign that says Jesus is the Savior of the world. She is walking in the Jesus in the City parade in Toronto.

Kids dressed up in colourful costumes and walking in a parade

A group of people, mostly young and mostly Asian, are walking in a parade. One is holding a sign that says Jesus loves you. Another person is holding a sign that says Jesus is Savior.

A line of Japanese women in kimonos are carrying large open fans above the heads. The fans have big pink flowers on them as well as a pink feathery border.

An Asian man driving a truck waves to the camera.

Two boys are holding a brown banner that says Jesus is holy, love, rightousness. A group of Asian people are walking with them in a parade.

That backs of 4 young women. THey are all wearing sweaters and yellow sashes. The sashes have Korean or maybe Chinese lettering on them as well as a red cross.

Two women in a car. The driver is making a smiley face. The women in the backseat is holding a sign out the window that says

A woman is holding a shiny turquoise fabric sign with the word jehovah on it. #jitc2015

Toronto Labour Day Parade 
Monday 7th September
from Queen & University to the CNE

A group walks in a labour day parade, they are carrying a red banner that says A union for everyone. THey are also carrying red unifor flags.

Two people in a labour day parade. The man is wearing wonder woman sunglasses.

A man holds a banner in the Labour day parade, only part of the banner can be seen but it is for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers

A group walking in a lbaour day parade, they are carrying a large banner that says I am ready for change, the Union of hospitality workers

Two women in black caps and T-shirts are walking in a labour day parade. One of them is carrying a Canadian flag

A large group from OPSEU SEFPO union walk in a labour day parade behind a large banner stating Standing Up For Workers Rights and good jobs for all. they are wearing blue t-shirts.

Four women in purple t-shirts from SEIU healthcare union walk in a labour day parade. One woman is wearing sunglasses with agents of change written on them. Another woman has the words The Social Picketer written on the front.

Two people walking in a Labour Day parade. One of them has a small circular sign covering her face with a picture of a pair of glasses on it, and the words library worker on it.

A group of people walk in a labour day parade

I man from the shoulders up. He is wearing a camo like t-shirt and hat with the ironworkers union label, and he is standing in front of a blue ironworkers flag.

An IATSE union group walks in a parade, Stagehands according to the banner that they are carrying.

A girl in a blue hat and holding a unifor union flag sits on a flatbed truck in a labour day parade. An Asian woman sits beside her.

A group of people walks in a labour day parade wearing orange t-shirts and carrying small flags that say Vote for Historic Change

A young man waves a pennant for the ONA, Ontario Nursing Association, as he walks in labour day parade

A t-shirt hanging in the window of a car. It has a picture of Stephen Harper wearing a crown and the words No More Democracy. There is a button on the t-shirt that says Harper's last day, 19th October 2015.

Four kids with flags walking in a labour day parade with their parents.

A black woman wearing a brightly coloured hat is waving a small sign that says I am not alone. She is walking in a labour day parade with a group from local 75

workers from local 183 union walk in a labour day parade while carrying union flags

Three people stand on the sidewalk by La Abuela, a Peruvian restaurant. A young girl is holding a CBC sign above her head while her father stands beside her. A woman in black burka and white head scarf is also on the sidewalk.

A young woman is holding up a sign about youth cares about and then it lists a few things like employment, tuition fees, unions, climate and the environment, at a Labour day parade

A woman carries a purple parasol as she walks in a labor day parade. She is wearing purple sunglasses that say Agent of Change on them

A couple look at his phone while they walk down Dufferin Ave. in front of a parade. Walkers in the parade are in ornage t-shirts in the background.

A labour day parade, people in red t-shirts walk behind a red banner for Toronto ACORN, Social Justice, Economic Justice. ACORN stands for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.

The backs of a group walking in a labour day parade, they are wearing purple t-shirts with the words The Society of Energy Professionals, IFPTE local 160. One of the women is wearing a red hat with a Canadian flag on it.

Two women walk in a Labour day parade in support of the CBC

Labour day parade - ACTRA group walking behind a banner that says respect the artist

Men walking in a labour day parade. They are wearing baseball caps. One of them has a small union flag tucked into the back of his cap. transit workers local 113

Two kids in the back of a pick up truck in a lbaour day parade. The truck is pulling a trailer with a picture of a circle of hands

men and women from IBEW (electrical workers) walk in a labour day parade

A man carried a purple flag and wears a placard on his front with a picture of man on it. Missing person, Bernardo Flores Alcazar.  The person behind him is holding a picture of Jose A. Navarrete Gonzalez

A man who is walking in a labour day parade is carrying three signs, first Pwer work union, second Settlements based on perjury is wrong and third supressing evidence is wrong

A group walks in a parade beside a large truck that is carrying more people on the back of it. They are carrying placards and banners in support of Canada Post. There is also a yellow banner that says Smash Capitalist Austerity

Two people in a labour day parade are carrying round signs, one says national health care program and the other says a fair minimum wage.

An Asian woman holds two small NDP flags as she stands on a sidewalk on Queen St. West by the Rex bar as she watches a labour day parade

Labour day parade - two marchers, one with a sign that protests agains the WSIB and the other person's sign says This person wants justice for injured workers

Group shot of union IATSE local 873, Toronto Motion Picture Technicians, prior to walking a labour day parade

Labour Day parade - hand written signs on the side of a truck that say, My work place is safe thanks to my union, and, I retired with dignity thanks to my union

A dog has a pink bandana around his neck. He is with a group walking in a labour day parade although only their legs and feet show in the picture

An Asian woman rides her bike in a labour day parade. She is wearing a CUPE 2484 shirt. Her bike has two baskets, one in front and one behind. Both are covered with artificial flowers and buttons. She has a small NDP flag in the back basket.

A man is wearing an orange T-shirt with round green stickers and buttons on it. They all say Go Vote

The 43rd Annual Festival of India started with a parade down Yonge Street from Bloor to Queens Quay on Saturday afternoon.

The parade is similar to an annual procession that has occurred for centuries in the city of Puri, India as part of a Hindu festival associated with the god Jagannath.  Here in Toronto, as in Puri,  three chariots constructed to look like temples are pulled through the streets in a procession from one temple to another.    Each chariot carries a richly decorated representation of a god, first is  Jagannatha (another name for Krishna or God) and then his brother Baladeva and his sister Subhadra.   The chariots are pulled by people and the procession symbolizes the pulling of the Lord into our hearts.

In Puri, this Ratha-Yatra procession continues to attract over a million people every year.
In Toronto, the numbers aren’t quite that high!

parade going down Yonge St. using just the southbound lanes.  A policeman on bike keeps the traffic out of the way.  A float is being pulled by people walking in the parade.   Part of the Festival of India in Toronto.

float in a parade for the Festival of India, or the Chariot Festival, a Hindu celebration, in downtown Toronto


below: Many people used ropes to pull the floats down Yonge Street.

people are using a long thick rope to pull a float down a city street for a parade.

below: Other people danced, walked, sang and chanted Hare Krishna mantras.

Some women in saris and men in traditional Indian clothes, dance and walk in a parade down Yonge St. as part of the Festival of India
Some women in saris and men in traditional Indian clothes, dance and walk in a parade down Yonge St. as part of the Festival of India

The back of a T shirt that a man is wearing.  It has all the words of the hare Krishna mantra on it.

 The festivities continued on Centre Island for the remainder of the weekend.


a protest coinciding with the PanAm Economic Summit and the PanAm Climate Summit,
both occurring at the Royal York Hotel.

The meeting place was Berczy Park, 7 a.m. on Wednesday morning.  Between 100 and 200 people showed up (I’m not very good at estimating numbers) to participate.  Photographers and reporters from all the Toronto newspapers and TV stations were on hand as were reprters from a number of radio stations.

The plan was to walk down Front Street where one group would block the intersection of Front and York while another group with block the front entrance of the Royal York Hotel.  Mission accomplished.

riseupTO demonstration and march - pedestrians cross a street with the morning sun low in the sky so the people cast long shadows towards the camera.  A group of protesters is in the background.

riseupTO demonstration and march - a group of photographers stand in front of marchers with a blue banner that reads

A construction worker in yellow & Orange work clothes and hard hat, stops work to take a photo of a passing demonstration in front of Union Station.


a woman is unravelling a skein of yarn and is using it to make a barrier across a city street.  She is using two hydro poles to wrap the yarn around.

a woman is unravelling a skein of yarn and is using it to make a barrier across a city street. She is using two hydro poles to wrap the yarn around.

riseupTO demonstration and march - yarn has been wrapped around hydro poles in such a way that it makes a barrier across a street.  Pedestrians are walking on their way to work on one side of the yarn while protesters have blocked part of the intersection on the other side of the yarn.

riseupTO demonstration and march - a group of young people drumming as they stand in a line in the middle of an intersection blocking traffic

riseupTO demonstration and march

riseupTO demonstration and march - two woman holding a red banner that reads 'Smash Capitalism End Colonialism'  They are standing in front of a line of peeople arm in arm infront of the Royal York Hotel front entrance.  Some police are between the protesters and the door.

riseupTO demonstration and march

a young woman with afro black hair and wearing a Bob Marley T-shirts is speaking through a megaphone at a protest march.   She is standing in front of a red and white banner that is being held up by a few other people

riseupTO demonstration and march - policemen and women stand besides their bikes as they do crowd control and direct the protest around a corner. A man is holding a black sign with white lettering that says "We find you guilty"

A security guard stands on a rooftop of a building, with taller glass skyscrapers behind him.

riseupTO demonstration and march - a line of policemen walk their bikes behind a group of protesters as they walk up Bay St. in downtown Toronto, with the clock tower of old city hall in the backbround.

riseupTO demonstration and march - protesters walking up a street, past a homeless man who is asleep on the sidewalk.  One of the protesters has just noticed the man and is pointing to him.

Figures and Models of Surfaces,
by Isabelle Wenzel,
on King St. West at John (by Metro Hall).
Part of CONTACT Photography Festival.

Six people walking on a sidewalk.  They are walking past a row of large pictures of legs in various strange poses on bodies with no upper parts.

“I’ve got two legs from my hips to the ground
And when I move ’em they walk around
And when I lift ’em they climb the stairs
And when I shave ’em they ain’t got hairs.”

 “I’ve Got Two Legs” by Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam

That’s the sort of thing that went through my head as I took these photos.

A man in brown pants and a brown and white striped shirt is holding a drink in his hand as he walks past two large pictures of legs.

a man's leg and black boot stick out from under a picture of a woman's leg with a yellow shoe, on a bright orange background.  A man is sitting on a ledge behind the photo.

All photos are self-portraits of the photographer.
Legs as sculptural elements – colour, shape and composition.
Legs as objects – objectification of the legs is now complete.

people in front of 4 large photos of legs by Isabelle Wenzel.  A couple are saying goodbye, two men in suits are walking together, a woman is looking at the pictures as she walks past and another woman is walking out of the photo on the right.

These legs were made for walking.  Not.
Just walk on by.
More silly thoughts as I watch people walk past the pictures.

Two young women are alking past a few large, larger than life photos of legs.  The women have their arms up in the air.

below:  The blue tones of Metro Hall provide a backdrop.

A tall bluish colored glass building with a sidewalk in front.  Along the sidewalk is a row of short young trees with new leaves.  There is also a row of large photos of legs on the sidewalk between the building and the street.

Fun.  Great installation.

AIDS Walk, 13 September

Beginning at Yonge Dundas Square…..

people at the AIDS walk in Toronto

Getting dressed and ready to walk.



Making posters to carry in the walk.

….. north up Yonge Street…..

people at the AIDS walk in Toronto.  A Sikh man wearing a red turban is holding up a poster about treating and defeating AIDS.

Test.  Treat. Defeat.


Looking south down Yonge Steet.  A large group of people are walking as part of the AIDS walk.  They are in the far lane of the street.  Orange traffic cones run down the middle of the street to protect the walkers from traffic.


people at the AIDS walk in Toronto.  A boy in a yellow raincoat and holding a blue ballon is smiling for the camera.


people at the AIDS walk in Toronto, walking up YOnge St.  One man has a dog on a leash.  The dog is wearing a red Tshirt.


The walk made its way to the AIDS Memorial in Barbara Hall Park on Monteith Street (near Church and Wellesley).
Here, each walker was given a red carnation to leave at the memorial.

people at the AIDS walk in Toronto.  A man is putting a red carnation on the AIDS Memorial in Toronto.  Quite a few carnations are already there.


A group of people is winding its way through a park in which there are short concrete pillars.  Each pillar has plaques on it with the names of the people from Toronto who have died of AIDS.  Red carnations have been placed by the plaques O

Winding their way past the names of those from Toronto who lost their lives to AIDS.


The memorial was opened late in 1992 and dedicated during Pride Week in 1993.
There are about 2700 names now engraved on the plaques.  New names are added once a year.

A young woman is holding a red carnation as she waits her turn to lay it with the others at the AIDS memorial.  One of the triangular pillars with 6 plaques on it is behind her.


people at the AIDS walk in Toronto.  A group of volunteers is cheering on those who have walked so far.  They are standing on the sidewalk.

Enthusiastic volunteers cheer on the walkers.


people at the AIDS walk in Toronto.  Miss Teen Canada winners, seven of them, are walking as a group.  They have stopped to have their photo taken.

A cheerful Team Miss Canada Globe stopped for me for a few moments.

Money raised in the walk goes to support act  (AIDS Committee Toronto).

A small group of people is holding a banner in the walk.  The banner says Scotiabank AIDS Walk, in support of ACT .  A C T is AIDS committee Toronto.

The lead group in the walk.

 Link to the official Toronto AIDS walk website