Frank & Helga

Part way up a hill overlooking Georgian Bay is the remains of a small house once lived in by a couple, Frank and Helga’s house. Nature is slowly reclaiming the site.

A red currant bush laiden with lots of berries is in the foreground.  The old abandoned house is in the background, partially obscured by trees , shrubs and long grass.

Red Currants growing beside what was once the driveway.


Part of the front of an abandoned house.  A door has come off its hinges and is lying on its side on the ground.  The wall is a painted board structure that was used to cover the sections between the cement block foundations.  On it was painted a window frame and in that window frame a few potted plants were painted.

hand painted flower pots still adorn the lower front of the house


An old door, once painted white but now with peeling paint, lies at an angle in front of the doorway.  The door is off its hinges.  The door has one red doorknob and one white doorknob.

forever open


An empty living space, old wood walls that are showing signs of disrepair.  A window is in the wall, partly covered by an old light green flimsy curtain.  A dirty torn piece of grey fabric covers part of the wall below the wall.

torn shrouds


The back of a one storey structure, once a house, now abandoned and neglected.  It was a log cabin with an overhanging roof at the back.  The yard is overgrown with wildflowers and weeds

wildflowers at the backdoor. The back of the abandoned house


A large shrub is growing in front of a window.  You can hardly see the window.

A window that is slowly being covered by shrubs


A little wooded sculpture of a deer eating grass is hung from the roof of the house with a piece of grey rope.  It is hanging by the back door.

a deer patiently waits by the back door


abandoned | house | Ontario | rural | deer | wildflowers | red currants | windows | doors | broken | torn | neglected | old


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