The Container Yard

 800 East 4th Street, Los Angeles

A large building with 3 large garage doors.  Each door has a word painted on it, desire, obtain, cherish.  A large street art painting surrounds the words - swirls and stars.  Part of the side of the building also has street art - a large black and white painting of Andy Warhol.

colourful tags, or parts of tags, with two coffee mug shapes with faces, one white and one orange.  The orange one is sticking out its tongue at a grey mug shape that has "I love LA" on it, along with a red heart









Large street art painting of the tag 'Boogie' with a mouse like head in the middle

tall graffiti robot with a square head.  Signed 'Cookie'.  He's in a corner and not that well seen unfortunately

unfinished street art on a wall.  Someone has painted the words 'rained out' below it

angles and triangles predominate in this street art painting.


With thanks to Landon who let me walk around with my camera.

The Container Yard story

more California graffiti, street art and murals (this site)

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