Kampong Cham

Kampong Cham is a city on the Mekong River.  It is the 6thlargest city in Cambodia with just over 63,000 inhabitants in 2006.  Some of the following photos were taken on the road to Kampong Cham and some were taken as I walked around the city.

 below: The Kizuna Bridge, the first bridge over the Mekong in Cambodia, was built in 2001 with a grant from the Japanese government.  It provided the first ever road link between the eastern and western portions of Cambodia. It is 1500m long.

a man stands beside a river, bridge in the background, Mekong River

a man with an orange flag controls traffic in a construction zone on the road to Kampong Cham, diggers and dump truck too

two white cows on the road in front of a vehicle, also motorcycles

a roadside food stand in Cambodia, selling bbq rats, deep fried crickets, baguettes and snails

an abandoned C.S.K.C. building in Kampong Cham

two little girls standing in a doorway, entrance to a courtyard

A man rests on his motorcycle beside the road by the HIV clinic in Kampong Cham

at a busy intersection, a Cambodian bus, a motorcyle with sidecar laden with goods as well as two people

large signs on the outsideo f two adjacent stores in Kampong Cham. One is for Samsung products and the other is for Prime ceramic tiles

A parent and two kids on a motorcycle passing some stores

two bicycles laden with small wooden model houses that are for sale

a couple drives a vehicle that is made of a truck chassis and four wheels, no body, through an intersection

A young man in a red shirt looks at his phone while he sits behind some cooked fish on sticks that he is selling at a market

the exterior of a massage parlor in Kampong CHam Cambodia

a bronze statue beside the Mekong River of a couple standing together with a life ring and a lifesaving hook

the exterior of the church of latter Day Saints (Mormons) behind a gate and trees in Cambodia. Looks like a house, yellow fence and gate

a woman squats beside her young daughter in front of a store that is selling many things that are hanging from the overhang on the exterior of the store

a mother and son, both dressed in orange clothes, walk along the side of a road. A white van is in the background.

An ad for My Boy sweetened condensed milk. It is a large replica of the can, a white boy's face is on it.

an older two storey building with an outdoor restaurant on the ground floor and a balcony on the second.

a man and a boy on a motorcycle on a red dirt road.



a woman stands beside a table full of old Singer sewing machines that she is selling


a large red welcome mat outside a store with many sandals and flip flops on it.