Stop 50, stopped long ago

An abandoned and boarded up gas station and motel on the QEW at Fifty Road near Winona and Stoney Creek (between Hamilton and Grimsby).   Stop 50 closed in 2012.  In the near future, the site will become part of a commercial development including a Costco and an LCBO.  Some of the land around it has started to be leveled.   Visited December 2015

Cracks in the pavement and weeds growing up through the cracks in front of an old fuel station and motel on the QEW

Old sign advertising 24 hour showers and fax service at Stop 50, an abandoned motel. Top part of sign is missing.

view from down low, weeds growing up through cracks in the pavement with an abandoned gas pumps and boarded up motel in the background

three abandoned fuel pumps at an old unused gas station

rusted old sign at a gas station that warns you to turn off your ignition while refueling your car

old unused fuel pump with blue panel on the bottom but panel covering on the middle section is missing exposing the wiring and innards of the pump

an old abandoned fuel pump at Stop 50 gas bar. The nozzles and hoses are pulled out and on the ground.


lane 1 sign above an abandoned gas station

puddle of water in a pot hole in a parking lot, surrounded by brown weeds

boarded up doors and windows on an old motel, the sign on the roof is broken and part has fallen to the ground.

broken red fire alarm on an exterior wall. The front as come loose and it looks like the alarm was pulled

front of abandoned motel Stop 50 on QEW near Hamilton, row of boarded up doors and windows, one storey white brick building

one gnarly tree with no leaves in the foreground, abandoned fuel pumps in the background, with QEW highway behind that

back of motel, some roof shingles missing, inside of windows has been covered, weeds overgrown,

back of abandoned motel, boarded up windows, weeds and shrubs growing in front

Stop 50 sign over a round window at the entrance to the office of the motel, now abandoned. The window has been broken, then covered from the inside.

abandoned restaurant stop 50 with boarded windows. Still has a sign that says daily specials

receiver of an old beige phone with its coiled wire leading to base of phone, abandoned on a sidewalk outside an old restaurant, on the ground beside a broken green wire string of Christmas lights.

daily specials banner on the roof of an abandoned restaurant near Hamilton


Outside the boarded up doors of a motel, broken glass, a piece of wallboard with some one inch tiles still attached on which someone has spray painted the word zombie in red

below: A souvenir!

an old fork lies in the gravel

November weeds growing up in front of an abandoned motel, white brick wall with boarded up door and window