other large downtown murals

This page is a continuation of the street art and murals that I saw in downtown Las Vegas.

below: ‘Sin Titulo’ (without title) by Diaz

large mural of an elaborately drawn black and white snail crossing a desert. Instead of a shell on its back it has a skull.

below: Hunter S. Thompson with martini glass in hand, painting by Ruben Sanchez

A colourful mural by Reuben Sanchez and a stylized man running through the desert, wearing a yellow and green striped hat, an orange shirt with black flowers on it, holding a martini glass and smoking a cigarette. He's wearing shorts and yellow socks

below: A giant bug looms over the sidewalk.  Mural by Ana Marietta.

Along the front of a building there is a mural of a very big bug. It's legs are a storey high. Two cars are parked in front but the body of the bug is much higher than the cars. Bug is not realistic looking.

below: from another angle

Ana Marietta mural of large bug like creature over the doors and windows of a restaurant in Las Vegas as seen from across the street. Police car and pedestrians also in the picture

below: Another Ana Marietta mural.

A mural by Ana Marietta in Las Vegas of three white birds with yellow beaks all looking at a figure with long rabbit ears but snake shaped body

below: A giant horned lizard dwarfs the vehicles parked beside it on Stewart Street.  This mural was painted by ROA as part of Life is Beautiful 2014.

A very large grey tone (black and white) realistic painting of an iguana on the side of a building. Tall palm trees are in front of it as are three vehicles parked on the street. The iguana is shooting red blood from one of its eyes.

below:  This multicoloured, multi-limbed creature was painted by Doze Green with help from Codak Rasone. It’s at least thee storeys tall.

A large creature mural, yellow and orange halo around its head, blue furry legs, 5 storeys high, red background.

below: Fill in the blank?  “I gave her my heart and she left me for…  ” A D*face mural on 7th Street.

large mural on the side of a turquoise coloured motel, about 5 storeys high. A man is sitting with his elbows on the table, head in hands, empty glass in front of him. Thought bubble says "I gave her my heart and she left me for...." One of the man's eyes seems to be missing.
  below: Frem Cas

A large man's face in brown and white on the side of building

below: And a similar face between the palm trees.

A large man's face on the side of a parking structure, with two tall palm trees


below: Shooting peace on the side of the abandoned Western hotel & casino

large mural of a handgun with the word peace coming out of the barrel

below: And on the other side of the Western Hotel is this mural.

mural on the side of the WEstern Hotel and casino, a woman is sitting, eyes closed, arms outstretched in front of her.
  below: The El Cortez hotel parking structure on the corner of 7th and Fremont is now home to two murals, as well as a sign advertising 24/7 prime rib meal for $10.99.

The El Cortez hotel parking structure on a corner in downtown Las Vegas. It is painted mostly in rust colour but with some white and tan stripes. There are two large murals where the corner meets.

below: An empathetic robot, a Pixel Pancho mural is the one of the murals on the El Cortez.

Mural of a robot man in yellow gear with a woman's head leaning against his shoulder.

below: The other looks more like an advert than a mural

mural on the side of the el cortez hotel in las vegas that looks like it might be an advertisement. Good Food, A good gamble, Life is Beautiful

below: On the upper level of the Emergency Arts building on Fremont there is a large 3D metallic fish by Puerto Rican artist Bik Ismo.

mural of a large fish

below: Emergency Arts is an art collective housed in a former medical clinic at the corner of Fremont and 6th Street (across 6th Street from the El Cortez Casino).

The Emergency Arts building on the corner of Fremont and 6th Street in Las Vegas. A giant street art fish is one one wall

below: This mural measures 100 feet by 35 feet. It was painted by Tim Bavington and Sush Machinda

side of a three storey building on a corner in downtown Las Vegas. The upper storeys are covered with a mural, some multicolured fish, some vertical stripes

below:  The only mural that I didn’t like, ‘Love Forever’ by D*face

A Roy Lichtenstein-esque painting of a woman lying on her back from the waist up. Black eye, mouth open, eyes closed, blonde, pale green v-neck top

Some of the downtown Las Vegas murals have their own page on this website

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