Fletcher farm

Fletcher farm,  595144 4th line,  Grey County

see map below

“595144 4th Line is of interest as a property with a vacant, but once substantial brick farmhouse c.1900, large ruined barn with stone foundation, and unusual stone pump house with windmill which apparently was the home, since the late 19th and much of the 20th, of the Fletcher family….  James Fletcher Sr. had originally built the log house for the family on the lot directly across.  This later became a blacksmith shop.  The property 595144 is currently for sale and deserves further examination and proper recording, as it is vulnerable to further damage/destruction.”  from the ‘Cultural Heritage Landscape Assessment Report, town of the Blue Mountains’ dated Sept. 2009. Explored in November of 2012.

old abandoned farmhouse with windmill just behind it.

First view of the buildings


side view of a brick farm house showing the porch and a couple of windows.

While walking around outside, the view from the south.


view of a basement window.  The wall is brick and the foundation is stone.  Some of the bricks near the bottom are starting to come loose.

Showing signs of stress and age.


close up view of a door that is painted yellow and blue.  The door frame is also yellow and blue.  The door knob is rusted.  Some of the brick of the house is also in the photo

Attracted by the colours, only to discover that it’s locked.


Two small window panes in a door are broken, there is no glass.  When you look through the window you see into the kitchen where there is a stove and a fridge. Otherwise, the house is abandoned.

Broken window panes allow for an unobstructed view into to the kitchen.


Close up of the door of an old oil stove showing the ironwork and a metal logo.  The logo on the door says Duo-Therm.

Duo-Therm logo on the door of an old oil burning stove that was in the livingroom.  These stoves were built by Motor Wheel Corp of Lansing Michigan.   Duo-Therm brand stoves were sold between the mid1930s and the mid1950s but I am not sure what years this model was available.


in the middle of living room there is an old oil burning stove.  It is near the middle of the room.

The stove was in the middle of the livingroom, complete with an old can to catch any messy drips.  At first I thought that the can itself is a bit of history…  Puritan Beef Stew made with “formed beef chunks”…. but it didn’t much online research to discover that although the label has changed, Puritan was still makes beef stew until quite recently.  And it’s still made with “formed beef chunks”.  This stew was first available in 1956 and the Puritan name survived through a number of company mergers, until ConAgra discontinued it.


old brass ceiling lamp is hanging from a grubby ceililng.  There is a crack in the ceiling.

Hanging, suspended.


an old rectangular rotary phone hangs on a wall that is covered with brown, beige and white floral wallpaper.  The phone is black but has a beige handset.

A rotary relic from the near past.


On a counter there is an old hand pump (or water).  It is backlit by sunlight coming through a window.  There is part of an old sheer curtain covering the top part of the window

In the dim light


looking down a hallway towards a window.  There is a bannister on the left and a couple of doorways on the right.  The floor is dirty.

upstairs hallway


Close up of old rusty bed springs.  There is a man's tie on the springs - it is rust coloured with a few white stripes.

trussed edges, patented 1926, rusty springs and an old rusty tie


A bedroom where the only thing in the room is an old bed frame and springs.  The bed is in front of a window that has an old gold coloured curtain on it.  Sunlight is coming through the window and lighting up that area of the bedroom.

afternoon sun


two old rusted hooks on a board that is nailed to a wall.  The wall is grey colour.  There is a crack that runs diagonally across the wall.

Hooked on a crack


A wood shed attached to the back of a brick house.  The shed has a window that is reflecting the blue sky.

Reflections of the afternoon sun.  Twilight.


A wall that is part stone and part brick.  In the stonework is a small wood window frame (no glass).  A ladder leans against the wall but it doesn't touch the ground.

One side of the windmill


The windmill.  Stone and brick building, pump house, below with a metal frame teepee shaped structure on top.

Looking up to the top of the windmill


Google maps of the location of 595144 4th line in the town of the Blue Mountains, south of Collingwood

location of the Fletcher farmhouse


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