3 acres

3 Acres, and house, for sale on the outskirts of the town of Collingwood, south side.  We spotted, and explored, this property on a damp, grey November afternoon.

old white frame house is for sale.  A sign saying 3 Acres site in front of the house.  The yard is overgrown.

Abandoned house along with 3 acres, for sale just outside of Collingwood.


Side of a white clapboard house.  An old door is open.  The house has a metal roof.  There is a blusih grey garage (or shed) behind the house.

A side view of the abandoned white frame house. The back door is open. Entry was easy.


A closse up of the wire fence at the front of the house.

Fence post and wire across the front yard. The fence was only across the front and it wasn’t much of a fence.


The inside was in pretty good shape.  There wasn’t too much debris on the floors.  Nor was there any evidence of squirrel or raccoon habitation.   Although the contents had been cleared out, there was no graffiti or vandalism.

The interior of the front porch room of an abandoned house.  There is lots of debris on the floor, no curtains on the windows.

Looking for a chair to sit on in the front porch? The windows look out towards County Rd 124.


An old electical socket (outlet) that has been painted white.  The wires leading to it are a bit frayed.  It is on a wall with old wallpaper on it.  The wallpaper has red flowers on it.

Signs of peace, both up and down.  Can this electrical outlet be dated?


An old wall mounted cabinet in a bathroom that has pink and white wallpaper on  the walls.  A pink shower curtain is reflected in the mirror.

pink shower curtain reflected in the cabinet mirror…. part of a pink and white themed bathroom.


A pink shower curtain that is loosely hanging from the shower curtain rod.

tattered and torn in pink


Building materials (cement, wood, bits of ceiling) lie on the floor in the foreground of the photo.  The front door is in the background.  This is probably the livingroom.  Red floral wallpaper is on the walls.

Debris strewn about the livingroom floor. Looking towards the front door.


A double light switch that has lost its cover plate, on a wall.   The wall paper around it has been torn in such a way that 3 layers of different floral paper can be seen.

Now uncovered and switched off. Many layers of floral wallpaper including a pot of purple lilacs….. and one fence.


Empty room with walls that are white on top and green on the bottom.

in the green room… looking towards the front porch.  Yes, that’s a washing machine on the porch.


The light teal coloured wallpaper is falling apart on an interior  wall.



The kitchen was small and dark,

one wall, interior, of a kitchen in an abandoned building.  The window is half boarded up.  The cupboard doors are missing.  The wallpaper is almost all peeled off.  It is filthy.

not to mention filthy and disgusting.  It looks like it had once been papered with a lot of different wallpaper odds and ends.


The side of an old white frame house.  The red trim is looking very faded.  The grass in the yard is very long.

Faded red trim, greying white paint, and a yard that is overgrown.


A window that has been overgrown with vines.  Because the photo was taken in November, there are no leaves on the vine.

overgrown and empty


  1. mac fencil says:

    is this haunted house bcause im not lunitic about urban legend.

  2. mac fencil says:

    every time i go past this house with my camera i see a white figure looking through the window at the side of the house.

  3. mac fencil says:

    ooo so its a girl house,that means theres 3 ghost girls haunting this place and the paper walls has flowers on them.thats why i say thats a girly girl house.

  4. mac fencil says:

    i hurd foot steps at night time at this house and i thought it was my imagination,so i kept explor this house and about time i went in a living room i hurd a knock,so i ran outa that house.2 girls and 2 boys died in this house.i found out on ghost adventures

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