not so old Havana

below: It was raining so I lent John Lennon my umbrella

A statue of John Lennon sitting on a park bench in Havana. He's holding a green umbrella in the rain.

below:  Jose Marti looks down on a lone pedestrian.  Marti (1853 -1895) was a writer, philosopher and political activist amongst other things.  He is a Cuban national hero for his role in Cuba’s independence from Spain.

large monument to Jose Marti in Havana Cuba.

below:  Also on the Plaze de la Revolucion, Che Guevara with the slogan, “Hasta la victoria siempre”

A multi storey apartment building. On the side is a very large outline drawing of Che Guevara's head and the words Hasta la victoria siempre

….  as well as Fidel Castro

A multi storey building with a line drawing Fidel Castro's face as well as the words Vas bien Fidel