CN tower

At 553 metres tall, it towers over the city and dominates the Toronto skyline. It finds its way into many photos but at the same time it can be difficult to get a good photo of the CN Tower.

You can try for reflections in the water…

The CN Tower reflected in the waterfront near HTO park.

Or you can try for reflections in other buildings….

CN Tower reflected

Early evening, the CN tower is refleceted in an office building.  The lights are on and you can see people working in the building.

working in the shadow of the CN Tower

The CN gets in the way a lot! It sneaks out from behind other buildings…..

The CN tower is just visible at the edge of large blue building that is made with lots of glass.   The blue is probably a reflection of the sky.

playing peek-a-boo

It wants to take center stage…..

The CN tower is between two large condo towers

on Queens Quay West

It can be seen whether you are close to it or if you are far away…..

from the west…..

red surfaced basketball court in the foreground, then a black and purple fence, and then downtown Toronto in the background.

Looking west from a basketball court near (on?) Scadding Avenue.

from the east…..

a frozen pond, brown reeds and grass, a couple of trees with no leaves, and the CN tower in the background.

Looking over Grenadier Pond, High Park in February

This picture was taken through a cut out hole in a black fence around a large construction site for a new condo.  The construction is in the foreground, the CN tower is in the background.

Construction site in Liberty Village

or from the north…..

A building with the word you written in large yellow letters is in the foreground.  The CN tower is in the background.

You and the CN tower!

  1. Sartenada says:

    Awesome! We visited there many years ago and love it. Thank you

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