abandoned places

A collection of pages about abandoned places in Ontario that I have explored.

a locked green metal gate across a long driveway. At the end of the driveway is an old red brick farmhouse with a front door that is falling off.

Abandoned farmhouse on hwy 9, about halfway between hwy 400 and Orangeville.


Pages in this section (they are all on this blog):

Flintstones in Mulmur, November 2013

3 acres for sale in south Collingwood, November 2013,

Fletcher Farm,visited in November 2012,

down the road,visited in November 2012,

Frank and Helga,  visited in July 2014

Stop 50, Stopped long ago, visited December 2015

Welcome Motel, visited September 2020

Empey Hill, visited August 2021


old one room school house now surrounded by fields

School No. 6 built in 1889, County Rd 11, Lennox & Addington.

It seems a bit too young to be abandoned already

A view of a corner of a roof of an abandoned farmhouse. The roof is rotting and the boards along the edge of the roof have come unnailed.

Loose nails – coming apart with age

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