Flintstones in Mulmur

On a dirt road in Mulmur township, just north of Hornings Mills and near where River Road meets Sideroad 20, there is an old stone gate with the word Flintstone built into it.  We were there on a rainy November afternoon.

locked metal gate with a stone column on each side.  Across the top is a sign, also made of stones, that says Flintstone

Although the gate is locked and there are ‘No Trespassing’ signs on it, there is no fence to keep photographers like us out.


Once inside the gate, there are three buildings made of field stones set beside a large pond.

Two small buildings made of field stones.

Two of the three buildings are visible from just inside the gate. The third building, a shed, is behind.


The first building looks like it was possibly a stable, with room for a couple of  horses.  Or should that be room for Dino and his dinosaur pals?!

two yellow bumper stickers on a wood door.  The bottom one says Trail Riders Do It in the Woods.   The top one says Have You Hugged a Horse Lover Today?

Have hugged a horse lover today? The bottom sticker is © The Magic Horse 1984 which gives some indication of when the building was in use.


inside of an abandoned building.

interior of the first building… old needles, old windows, abandoned shelves and drawers.

The second building was a small house.

One side of a stone building.  The windows are covered with plywood.  There is a large juniper bush growing in front of the house.

The front door was locked and the windows were boarded up.


The only access to the house was through an open back door.

close up of a wood door showing the middle section of the door with a metal lock and handle.  The interior of the house is barely visible but it looks grey inside.

It looks inviting…. enter if you dare!


The interior was very dark.  From what we could see from the open door, the inside also looked very dirty.  There was a lot of debris on the floor and probably mold on the walls.  It wouldn’t be surprising to find evidence that small creatures had spent some time here too.

inside of a very dirty abandoned building.  Grey curtains are falling down, there is lots of debris on the floor,  and there is lots of dirt and mold on the grey walls.

This shot was taken using a flash and holding the camera at arms length while pointing it around a corner. We didn’t venture inside this time as we didn’t have masks with us and it didn’t seem worth the consequences of breathing the dust and mold.


close up of a wall made of field stones.  There is a vertical crack running down the wall.



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