I recently spent a couple of days in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. The following pictures were taken in the Old Town and the Kalamaja area of the city.

Doors of Tallinn

front door of a house in Tallinn Estonia, wood, blue and white double doors, orange faded paint on the concrete facade, 2 red drain pipes run down the front, one on each side of the door

turquoise wooden double door with two steps up to it, on a house painted blue (lower part) and white (upper part).

below: A lot of Tallinn’s old buildings have been renovated and modernized but many of the the old architectural details have been saved.  This is the entrance to what is now the Bardoo restaurant.

old carved wooden door with stone gothic arch around it. Now a restaurant in Tallinn, Bordoo restaurant

below: Bright colours are a feature of the wooden houses in Kalamaja.

front door of a house in Tallinn Estonia, wood - green wood house with double doors with red and yellow trim on the two tone green door

front door of a house in Tallinn Estonia, wood - dark salmon coloured house, wood, with double doors in light and dark salmon, diamond relief panels on the wood doors.


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