Empey Hill

Empey Hill is on the boundary between Hastings County and Lennox & Addington County. The red brick United Church built in 1912 is on the Lennox & Addington side and is probably in the Greater Napanee area. There is an abandoned garage/shed across the road from it.

One room with large doors in the front. Each door has/had eight panes of glass some of which are now broken. It looks to be sinking as the grasses grow tall around it. The wild grape plants are taking over.

small wood structure with large windows and a lot of wild grape plant on the front.  Garage size, tall grass around it
ivy growing across front of wood garage with door with glass panes some of which are broken

There is a window on the south side but the grass was very tall and the ground very uneven so I didn’t risk getting too close.

side view of old wood garage with window, no glass, wild grape plant
Part of side of wood structure with corrugated metal roof. one window with no glass, tall grass in front,

View of the interior from the front.  There was just the one room.

interior of old shed with two chairs, debris on the floor and boxes of books in the corner