down the road

Down the road from the Fletcher farm on 4th Line (Grey County), is another old two storey brick house that has been abandoned.  These photos were taken in mid-November, 2012.

red brick farm house on a small hill.  It is surrounded by trees but because it is November, there are no leaves on the trees.   The house is two storeys tall and has a center gabled roof.

View of the farm house from the driveway


partial view of the side of a red brick farm house.  The roof covering the porch is sagging.  Some of the bricks have come loose from the wall, exposing the wood structure beneath.

Sagging porch roof and missing bricks from the wall.


An old blue chair sits on the concrete porch of a house

Waiting for company.  An old chair sits comfortably on the cracked concrete porch.


A view from inside the house, looking out the door.  A wood external door has come off its hinges and is leaning diagonally across part of the doorway.

Unshuttered. Looking out the door.


A view of a wall that has pink wainscotting.  The wallpaper on the top part of the wall is peeling off.  In the wall is a door to the next room.  The door is open.

From one room to the next, pinks and yellows.


Another view of a room with pink wainscoting.  This time there is a pink door that is open to the next room.

Pink wainscoting, pink door frame and pink door.


A very pink wall on which someone has drawn a picture of what looks like a dinosaur that is sitting on his hind legs.  On the back of the dinosaur, there is a small boy who is clinging to the dinosaur's neck

Boy rides dino, line drawing on a pink wall.


Close up of a wall.  The pink floral wallpaper is peeling off, exposing a yellowish blue layer.  A broken wall light fixture is also in the picture

Broken light, peeling paper


Close up of the lower part of a doorway.  On the right is a pink and blue wall.  The doorway opens onto a hall with blue walls.  A second doorway is partly visible on the other side of the hall.

From one room to the next, shadows and light.


Looking through an open doorway into a room that has a layer of debris on the floor.  The ceiling has fallen (or been removed) and just the wood can be seen.

Falling apart into a mess


Close up of the lower part of a doorway.  In the foreground are walls covered with blue and white wallpaper.   The wood trim is bright yellow.  The doorway opens into a room whose floor is covered with debris.  In the second room is a door that is open to the outside and lots of sunlight is coming into the room.

Sunshine through the open door lights up the dirt and debris.


An old toilet lies on its side in the doorway of an abandoned farm house.

Out of place


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