St. Lawrence market

St. Lawrence, Toronto’s largest indoor market, is located at the corner of Jarvis St. and Front St. East.

burger patties for sale, label says jalapeno burgers $2.50 each

Jalapeno burgers – one of the many interesting foods you can find


ripe red tomatoes for sale.  They are still attached to their stems.

tomatoes for sale

many green pitted olives that are covered with oil and dried herbs and spices

olives with oil and herbs


a pint box of fresh raspberries



many varieties of Koslicks mustard in a display.  Jars of the different kinds are grouped together.

many varieties of Koslicks mustard


gold  star shaped cookie cutter and part of a  pink cookie cutter

cookie cutters in all shapes and colours


close up photograph of colourful bags for sale.  One of them is a green, pink and purple striped fabric with embroidery on it.

colourful bags for sale


warm woolly mitts for cold days.  In the foreground are brown and beige patterned fingerless mitts.  In the background are multicoloured mitts, some striped and some with geometric patterns.

warm woolly mitts for cold days


more woolly mitts.  Grey mitts, white mitts and red mitts.

more woolly mitts

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