923 East Third Street

923 East 3rd Street, downtown Los Angeles
There is an alley that runs along the east side of this building between 3rd and 2nd streets.

No trespassing sign at 923 East Third Street in LA, it has 5 or 6 stickers on it as well as some scribbles in black

A chain link fence also runs along the east side of the building, separating passersby and the street art covered walls.
It makes picture taking a bit more challenging, but it also reduces unwanted tagging.

Old brick building painted white then covered with a mural in pale blues and greens. metal barred window with Keep Out sign on it, a mural of running animals drawn as outline figures, with the top of a chain link fence in the very foreground of the picture.

I was using my little camera so the lens fits through the spaces of a chain link fence.   The presence of a second fence stymied me though…. so the fence becomes part of the composition of the picture.

Mural behind a chain link fence with a coil of barbed wire above it. Mural is of two women's faces, two red roses, a greenish tag and the words "downtown LA"

mural on an old brick wall.  center part of the mural is a woman wearing just panties and sneakers as she squats, viewed from behind.  She looks like she is squatting behind a brick wall.  Tags and other shapes also in the mural.  The word 'Janet' is written beside her.

Mural on the back of a building, including over a door with metal grille and bars.  A very big banana, some strawberries and some lemons are in the picture.

street art on a wall in a LA alley.  Pink background, blue tag, greenish tag, with a man's head in profile in between the tags.  Weeds growing up from the crack between the pavement and the wall. nd the
The ‘Fallen Angel’ mural is at the north end of the alley, at East 2nd street.  

fallen angel mural in black and white on blue background - left hand side of the mural, old car, angel, and the word Los
fallen angel mural in black and white on blue background,  the right side of the mural with the word Angeles and a skull.

fallen angel mural in black and white on blue background - close up of the angel with an ugly face over a doorway.  Elaborate wings and a blue rose in her hair.

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