AIDS Walk, 13 September

Beginning at Yonge Dundas Square…..

people at the AIDS walk in Toronto

Getting dressed and ready to walk.



Making posters to carry in the walk.

….. north up Yonge Street…..

people at the AIDS walk in Toronto.  A Sikh man wearing a red turban is holding up a poster about treating and defeating AIDS.

Test.  Treat. Defeat.


Looking south down Yonge Steet.  A large group of people are walking as part of the AIDS walk.  They are in the far lane of the street.  Orange traffic cones run down the middle of the street to protect the walkers from traffic.


people at the AIDS walk in Toronto.  A boy in a yellow raincoat and holding a blue ballon is smiling for the camera.


people at the AIDS walk in Toronto, walking up YOnge St.  One man has a dog on a leash.  The dog is wearing a red Tshirt.


The walk made its way to the AIDS Memorial in Barbara Hall Park on Monteith Street (near Church and Wellesley).
Here, each walker was given a red carnation to leave at the memorial.

people at the AIDS walk in Toronto.  A man is putting a red carnation on the AIDS Memorial in Toronto.  Quite a few carnations are already there.


A group of people is winding its way through a park in which there are short concrete pillars.  Each pillar has plaques on it with the names of the people from Toronto who have died of AIDS.  Red carnations have been placed by the plaques O

Winding their way past the names of those from Toronto who lost their lives to AIDS.


The memorial was opened late in 1992 and dedicated during Pride Week in 1993.
There are about 2700 names now engraved on the plaques.  New names are added once a year.

A young woman is holding a red carnation as she waits her turn to lay it with the others at the AIDS memorial.  One of the triangular pillars with 6 plaques on it is behind her.


people at the AIDS walk in Toronto.  A group of volunteers is cheering on those who have walked so far.  They are standing on the sidewalk.

Enthusiastic volunteers cheer on the walkers.


people at the AIDS walk in Toronto.  Miss Teen Canada winners, seven of them, are walking as a group.  They have stopped to have their photo taken.

A cheerful Team Miss Canada Globe stopped for me for a few moments.

Money raised in the walk goes to support act  (AIDS Committee Toronto).

A small group of people is holding a banner in the walk.  The banner says Scotiabank AIDS Walk, in support of ACT .  A C T is AIDS committee Toronto.

The lead group in the walk.

 Link to the official Toronto AIDS walk website 

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