women on David French Lane

Posted: September 10, 2014 in graffiti and street art, locations
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David French lane runs between Borden St. and Brunswick Ave., south of Bloor.   I know that I have posted some of the graffiti on the garages in the lane before.  Most of those garages have since been covered with ugly and boring tags.  There isn’t as much of interest there these days…. but I did see the following today.

Street art piece of two large women's heads.  One is blue and she's wearing a black mask.

Masked and unmasked


A stencil (on paper) almost life sized woman wearing shorts and a Tshirt.  She has a metal arm with a vice grip hand that looks sort of robot like.

Waiting in the doorway. Note the trashy tags around her.


Bright red lips on a wood fence.



Graffiti man's head with red eyes and mouth.  Red paint that looks like blood dripping is above him.

Ooops, that’s not a woman!


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