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legs and feet of girls in frilly green tutus as they dance in a parade

St. Patricks Day Parade, 19 March 2017

bagpipe player wearing a green hat for St. Patricks day

Watching floats, bands, banners, flags, leprechauns, bagpipes, drums, dancers, hurlers, soccer players, dragons, shamrocks, leprechauns, crazy hats, green hats, green everything, but most of all, people.

woman holding a metal flag pole, she's wearing big shamrock shaped glasses

feet and legs of two girls dancing on a float in a parade

a woman in a green cowboy hat with a green fringe, a green shamrock sticker on her cheek and wearing a green, orange and white scarf

a retired fireman with a green tam, moustanche and a big green bowtie

st. patricks day parade, man wearing a costume that makes it look like a large leprechaun is grabbing him around the knees

a man holds one end of a white banner that says County Kildare, St. Patricks Day parade

boys running a parade. one is wearing an orange body suit that also covers his face, also green tshirt and white shorts and green bowler.

a flute player in a blue uniform plays and walks in a parade. Other musicians in the background

two women with little green hats perched on their heads watch the St. Patricks Day parade

Ramses shriners band marches and plays in the St. Patrick Day parade. Red trousers, black jackets, large green shamrocks decorating their drums

a man playing the bagpipes in a St. Patricks day parade. he's wearing an oversized green and white striped hat with a band of shamrocks on it. Also wearing a big green bowtie

a middle aged woman in a fireman's jacket sits on a float in a parade (firetruck?) whe is holding a small teddy bear with a green sweater and a young girl is with her

a man is walking a dog in a parade. the dog is wearing a grewen hat for St. Patricks day

a group of adults and youth from Scouts Canada walk in the St. Patricks day parade, carrying lots of Canadian flags

a girl wearing green sunglasses and a scout uniform

a man stands on a sidewalk along with other people. he is dressed a costume that is a green beer bottle, his head is the neck of the bottle

adults and kids sitting on the sidewalk watch drummers go past in a parade. girl with big green bowtie and boy with long green tie and green bowler hat

three boys among a crowd of onlookers at a parade. The boy in the middle is wearing green and dancing as he watches

five kids sitting on a float in the St. Patricks day parade

liuna union members walk in the St Patricks day parade in Toronto

a young girl with a liuna union jacket on walks in a parade. she is wearing beer bottle shaped glasses

St. Patrick in the parade, talking to spectators on the sidewalk

a woman with a big smile and wearing purple gloves is holding up a white banner in a parade

a father and daughter have seats on the sidewalk as they watch a parade go by

two old yellow police cars in the St. Patricks day parade

chinese dragon, with two people inside it working it, walking down the street in a parade with spectators standing on the sidewalk

people standing and sitting on a small outdoor patio, on the sidewalk, watching the St. Patricks day parade go past. The bar is the Smiling Cow.

an older man in green Irish tophat and green coat and green bowtie

a man is dressed in an elvis costume, he's silver Elvis - skin all with silver makeup, holding a guitar

two boys wearing hats and oversized green ties watch a band march past in the St. Patricks day parade, bag piper in the very foreground.

a man and his two kids watch a parade. They are wearing big green and white hats

a woman cheers as she watches a parade from the sidewalk. Her partner is standing beside her

from the back, not much of his face is visible, a man wearing a green wig and a green tam with a pom pom on top

Kathleen Wynne, premier of Ontario, talks to a policeman and another man outside, before the start of a parade


You better watch out, you better not cry
Better not pout, I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is comin’ to town

… and he arrived on Saturday amidst the gusty winds and light snow.   Winter arrived on the same day!

Before the parade there was the Holly Jolly Fun Race, a 5 km race along the Santa Claus parade route.

Holly Jolly Fun Run, before the Santa Claus parade, runners getting ready to start the race - group shot, woman in Mrs. Santa outfit, man in ho ho ho toque and red Santa jacket, woman in blue and another woman in a white Toronto hoodie

Holly Jolly Fun Run, before the Santa Claus parade, runners getting ready to start the race - a boy with black scarf over most of his face, wearing red gloves, gives a two thumbs up

Santa Claus parade - two clowns in fuzzy hair wigs mingle amongst the crowd before the parade starts, lots of smiling faces.

Santa Claus parade - two kids in shiny orange, green, red and yellow costumes, sitting on a float in the parade, they have their hands in mitts covering their mouths and chins trying to keep warm.

Santa Claus parade - Toronto mayor JOhn Tory poses with two kids at the start of the parade

Santa Claus parade - people walking in the parade dressed in large blue and white rabbit costumes, all carrying large stuffed carrots.

Santa Claus parade - a girl is looking cold, sitting on a float in chef's jacket and hat and large orange scarf. She is sitting beside a large sculpture of a woman sitting on a wood chair with an orange cup in her hand

 - a boy is sitting on a float in a white chicken costume, two fake but real looking chickens are beside him

Santa Claus parade -

Santa Claus parade - a float with a very large replica of Thomas The Tank Engine with three kids sitting beside it.

Santa Claus parade - two kids wearing Toronto Maple Leafs sweatshirts and toques sitting on a float with a loarge replica of Carlton the Leafs mascot. The skate and end of the stick of a large statue of a hockey player is also in the picture.

Santa Claus parade - a young boy stands with his back to the camera. He is in front of people sitting on the sidewalk waiting for the parade to start. It is snowing and people are all bundled up. In this case, a mother and her daughter are dressed in white jackets and have a white blanket over their knees.

Santa Claus Parade - a young woman with a gold crown decorated with little red hearts, wearing a pale yellow dress, walking in the parade, waves at the camera

Santa Claus parade - the mascot for the Toronto Raptors basketball team is standing on the back of a golf cart driven by two people, others in costume walk behind, people standing on the sidewalks watching the parade go by

Santa Claus Parade - a man dressed as a clown with frizzy orange hair and a polka dot outfit laughs as the wind tries to blow his wig off

Santa Claus Parade - a black woman in a red jacket and brown scarf poses with a man in a clown costume with bright red hair.

Santa Claus parade, pokemon float, with a large yellow pikachu in front

Santa Claus parade - many people dressed like raggedy Ann dolls in pink, orange and yellow with bright red hair.

Santa Claus Parade - a young Asian boy stands beside a float featuring large sized characters from the Peppa Pig story books.

Santa Claus parade - three people walking in the parade with costumes that make it look like they are clowns that are walking on their hands, people on the sidewalk watching the parade.

Santa Claus parade, along the beginning of the parade, off to the side, a character in a Chase costume (a character from the TV program Paw Patrol) is posing with two little kids and their father

Santa Claus parade - a young woman in a clown costume with large fuzzy white wig, waves, she is wearing white gloves

two kids dresses as Christmas elves in green, red and white wave to passersby as they sit on a float with a large Grinch reading a book, Santa Claus parade

Santa Claus parade - a woman in hat and plaid shirt has a puppet of a long necked white goose on her hand and arm

boys cheering and watching floats in the Santa Claus parade, some people dressed in costumes like gold and blue toy soldiers, a fox on a float.

Santa Claus parade - at the end of the parade, Santa arrives on his sled being pulled by reindeer

people standing on the sidewalk cheering and waving at the Santa Claus parade

Santa Claus parade - two girls huddle under blankets and parkas while sitting on the sidewalk waiting for the parade to start

#TOsanta | #TOsantaparade

Labour Day parade 2016
Monday, September 5th,

a group of people walking in a Labout Day parade, wearing orange T-shirts and holding orange signs protesting for fifteen dollars per hour minimum wage

The parade started at Queen and University and moved westward to Dufferin Street.

looking east on Queen Street West towards the Labour Day parade. A large truck is in the middle of the road, and people waving flags are walking in front of it. Lots of people walking beside it and behind it. Stores on Queen Street to the sides, taller buildings in the background.

women walking in a Labour Day parade carrying placards in red background with white lettering that say, 1. Retirement dignity for everyone, 2. Pay equity now, 3. Good full-time jobs for all.

a group of people walking in a labour day parade, two banners, one for Hammerheads and one for Central Ontario building trades.

a group of women walking in a labour day parade.  One has a red heart with the number 75 inthe middle of it painted on her cheek.  She is also holding a circular sign that says Work It! End job discrimination.  Unite here.

large sign covering the back of a van that says We Won't shut the f*** up, in a parade, with people walking on both of it, walking away from the camera

a group of people in grey t-shirts walk behind a black pick up truck in a parade, carrying a banner that says IATSE LOcal 873 union, Toronto Motion Picture Technicians.

Two kids sitting in the back of a pick up truck, with red and white unifor (union) flags. Two men in the cab of the truck

members of the actra union walking in a parade, a woman looking at the camera and holding a sign above her head, two boys walking beside her. One in sunglasses and with hands in his pockets.

members of the actra union walking in a parade, two women and a girl blowing bubbles

a young girl rests her arms and head on a metal railing as she rides on a float in a parade

men in light blue T-shirts and wearing baseball caps, pass by in a parade, one is holding a small union flag (amalgamated transit union) and one is giving a thumbs up

According to the ‘Toronto Star’ newspaper, there were 25,000 people walking this year.

steelworkers march in a labour day parade on Queen St. West with their yellow banner

a group of people from the Power Workers Union wear grey t-shirts and and hold flags while they walk in the parade including three smiling young women at the front of the group

two people are carrying a banner for the Labour Council of Metropolitan Toronto and York Region in a parade. others are walking beside and behind them

below: The parade ended at the Dufferin Gates of the Canadian National Exhibition.  Labour Day weekend is also when the CNE Air Show is on and as a result, many of the planes taking part in the show also flew over the parade.

people walk down a street, no cars, police directing traffic, airplanes in formation and with white trails fly over the street part of the CNE air show flying over part of the Labour Day parade

a man with a large beard, wearing a straw hat and an orange bandana around his neck, carries a sign that says $15/hour minimum wage now, in a parade. behind him is a banner protesting the cost of university education and demanding free university education

pipe band, bagpipes and drums, marches through the intersection of King and Dufferin in the annual Labour Day parade, people watching on the sidewalks, a TTC streetcar waiting for the parade to pass

two men sitting in the back of a pick up truck as well as a boy sitting on the tailgate, in a parade, wearing white t-shirts that say Proud to be Union

a woman in a pink top and a black wide brimmed hat leans down to talk to her son who is sitting in a stroller. He's pointing down the sidewalk. They are watching a parade go by.

a camera woman has her camera on the ground and she is kneeling behind it and trying to take a picture. She is bare footed. There is a police car parked behind her. She is on the street, photographing a parade

iatse 58, union members walk in a labour day parade with their banner that says Behind the Scenes since 1898

a male cyclist rides past men marching in a labour day parade all carrying white Liuna union flags


below: You know the parade is over when the street sweepers come around the corner.

a man walks his bike on a sidewalk, walking away from the camera, a large street sweeper is right beside him as it starts to clean up the street, the last part of a parade with firemen and fire trucks is in the distance

Yesterday the Portuguese community in Toronto held their 29th annual Portugal Day parade.   It was a lively, happy occasion.  Hundreds of people lined Dundas Street West between Lansdowne and Trinity Bellwoods Park to watch the parade.  They showed their Portuguese colours with flags, banners, hats, soccer shirts, and lots of red clothes!  Young soccer players demonstrated their skills.  People of all ages wore traditional dress from different parts of Portugal as they walked and danced along the parade route.  There was music too – bagpipes, marching bands, and music to dance to.

A man pushes a cart from which he is selling popcorn, candy apples and cotton candy to people watching a parade. A black truck is behind him with a boy in the passenger side who is hold a banner out the window that says Portugal on it.

Two boys holding a red banner for a marching band in a parade. Lots of flag holders behind them, a Canadian flag, an Ontario flag, a Toronto flag and a Portuguese flag.

A young girl swirls her long skirt as she dances in a parade. Portugal Day parade on Dundas West, Little Portugal, in Toronto

A boy is wearing a Rinaldo soccer shirt, and sitting beside a Portuguese flag. His father is with him

men, members of a Labour Union, walk in a parade. They are wearing orange shirts with short blue sleeves that say Portugal Day on them.

Women dancers in traditional Portuguese dress, dancing in a parade. One of them pauses to look at the man selling cotton candy and popcorn froma cart.

On a street, Dundas West in Toronto, there is a parade, people on the sidewalk watching, and dancers performing in the parade. Portugal Day parade.

People in a parade, three people holding two flags, Portugal and Benfica. A man behind them is holding his arms up in the air.

Two girls in traditional Portuguese dresses are dancing in a parade, onlookers sitting on the sidewalk behind them.

A young woman is wearing a large tall hat in squares of the colours of the Portuguese flag. Beside her is a person draped in the Portuguese flag. They are watching a parade

Four kids sitting crossed legged at the side of a street watching a parade. They are holding Portuguese flags. The older boy has a red whistle in his mouth.

Two Toronto policemen in yellow safety vests watch a parade, women dancing past them.

members of the Cobourg Legion pipe and drum band, four bagpipers in their blue and red kilts marching in a parade

A float in a parade featuring the Portuguese Radio and TV stations, Camoes,

Close up shot of the hands of three men dancing in a parade. The faces of only 2 of them are visible. They are wearing white shirts, black vests, and black hats. Portugal Day parade

Spectators in a parade hold small Portuguese flags as they watch traditional dancers perform.

A woman holds a colourful banner in a parade

A woman from the crowd watching a parade, goes over to a float that has a live sheep and goat on it, she is hesitating to pat the sheep.

people watching kids kicking around a soccer ball as part of a parade. The kids are all in red uniforms.

A woman is giving out small portuguese flags to people watching a parade. She is wearing a t-shirt in support of local politician Anna Bailao,

Spectators at a parade, sitting on chairs, one of which has a Canadian flag on the back. Passing by is a marching band in dark pants and white shirts. Portugal Day parade on Dundas West.

The 43rd Annual Festival of India started with a parade down Yonge Street from Bloor to Queens Quay on Saturday afternoon.

The parade is similar to an annual procession that has occurred for centuries in the city of Puri, India as part of a Hindu festival associated with the god Jagannath.  Here in Toronto, as in Puri,  three chariots constructed to look like temples are pulled through the streets in a procession from one temple to another.    Each chariot carries a richly decorated representation of a god, first is  Jagannatha (another name for Krishna or God) and then his brother Baladeva and his sister Subhadra.   The chariots are pulled by people and the procession symbolizes the pulling of the Lord into our hearts.

In Puri, this Ratha-Yatra procession continues to attract over a million people every year.
In Toronto, the numbers aren’t quite that high!

parade going down Yonge St. using just the southbound lanes.  A policeman on bike keeps the traffic out of the way.  A float is being pulled by people walking in the parade.   Part of the Festival of India in Toronto.

float in a parade for the Festival of India, or the Chariot Festival, a Hindu celebration, in downtown Toronto


below: Many people used ropes to pull the floats down Yonge Street.

people are using a long thick rope to pull a float down a city street for a parade.

below: Other people danced, walked, sang and chanted Hare Krishna mantras.

Some women in saris and men in traditional Indian clothes, dance and walk in a parade down Yonge St. as part of the Festival of India
Some women in saris and men in traditional Indian clothes, dance and walk in a parade down Yonge St. as part of the Festival of India

The back of a T shirt that a man is wearing.  It has all the words of the hare Krishna mantra on it.

 The festivities continued on Centre Island for the remainder of the weekend.

Toronto Pride Parade,
Bloor St. and Yonge St., June 2015

fun & games,
smiles & laughter,
community involvement
pride parade pics in no particular order

people at a pride parade on a rainy day - Toronto mayor John Tory walks in the parade while holding a large yellow and orange super soaker

Toronto mayor John Tory walks in the parade armed with a super soaker.


people at a pride parade on a rainy day - Cyndi Lauper is wearing a white frilly dress and hat as she rides on top of a float for the musical KInky Boots.  In the background a photographer leans out the window of a building to get a better view of the parade.

Actress Cyndi Lauper rides on the ‘Kinky Boots’ float.


people at a pride parade on a rainy day - a man in a spiderman costume stands on a garbage bin so he is above the crowd on a sidewalk watching the parade

Spiderman makes an appearance too.

people at a pride parade on a rainy day -  a man is holding a purple sign that says "Proud of Our children"

people at a pride parade on a rainy day - a couple of members of the triggerfish waterpolo team stand behind a banner with their team name on it.  They are wearing bathing suits only

Elizabeth May, wearing a green garland wrapped around her neck and helping to hold a green banner walks in a parade along with some other people

Elizabeth May, leader of the federal Green Party.

people at a pride parade on a rainy day - a few people have found a higher vantage point from which to watch the parade.  One man is wearing white frilly underpants and white angel wings.  On his stomach is written God 'heart' you

people at a pride parade on a rainy day - a group of asexual people walk past holding sings, "trans asexuals exist" and "it's not that you're not sexy, it's just that I don't care"

A group from the University of Toronto marches in a pride parade.  They have a large blue banner with pink lettering that says Out in Law.

people at a pride parade on a rainy day - a group of parade marchers pauses so that one man can show the camera that he's got a bare ass

Two men stand on an exterior ledge of a building, one storey up from ground level.  Two rainbow flags too.

people at a pride parade on a rainy day - one of the parade marchers, while holding a French flag, stops to lift his leg over the barricades

people at a pride parade on a rainy day - a group of four men in colourful and outrageous drag stop to pose for a photo

people at a pride parade on a rainy day - the #HIVanonymous characters in complete white costume stop to pose for a picture in front of group that is preaching anti-gays messages

people at a pride parade on a rainy day - the #HIVanonymous characters in complete white costume stop to pose for a picture in front of group that is preaching anti-gay messages

Anonymous characters because #HIVanonymous


A group representing lawyers walks in the pride parade including a boy in a yellow rain coat.  One of the men is carrying a sign that says We're lawyers, we'll get you off.

A group of men dressed up as different fruits, banana, kiwi, blueberry, apple and orange

Fruit having a wonderful time in support of Communityone Foundation

people at a pride parade on a rainy day - a man in drag - long pink dress, pink socks and pink shoes laughs while posing for a picture with a large black person in skimpy costume who is also laughing
Toronto fire truck in pride parade, rainbow flags decorate the fire truck

A flower head band has fallen to the ground and is beside two people's feet, both of whom are wearing sandals.

part of a group photo taken after the pride parade.  Group is Conseil scolaire viamonde, le success s'exprime en francais, an association of French schools in Ontario

A woman in a blue jacket poses beside two scantily clad women with light lime green hair

#lovewins  Two young women in sunglasses walking in the pride parade join hands and make a heart shape with their fingers

A group of people holding a large rainbow coloured banner that says #oneteam.  Some of them are taking selfies

people at a pride parade on a rainy day - three people pose for a photo.  One in a multicoloured wig, one with a green hat and one with flowers in her hair

A crowd of marchers cheer -  people at a pride parade on a rainy day -

people at a pride parade in the rain

people at a pride parade in the rain - three guys posing for a photo, one is in a banana costume

people at a pride parade on a rainy day - from the back, a threesome poses for a photo, the woman on the left is staring at the assless chaps of the man beside her

people at a pride parade in the rain - boy in ornage raincoat and sunglasses standing in front of many balloons

people at a pride parade in the rain - three Asain guys, two under an umbrella, and a third wearing a salmon coloured rain poncho and holding up a sign that says "brown queer proud'

people at a pride parade in the rain - a man in an orange Tshirt holding a sign that says "I'm proud to have a gay agenda, NDP"

people at a pride parade in the rain - a topless man in a pink hat who is helping to hold a sign that says "Get Real"  Others around him are also wearing pink hats

A young woman making a face at the camera as she holds a sign that says "get real" - people at a pride parade in the rain

people at a pride parade in the rain - two guys in drag with high heeled boots and wigs, with lots of feathers on their heads, are posing in front of a crowd who are behind metal barricades.

people at a pride parade in the rain - a man dancing and holding a mic, with a funny look on his face, on a float from the Peel Regional Police, called the Heat,  there are lots of balloons beside and above him.

“The Heat”, Peel Regional Police

people at a pride parade in the rain - some women holding signs promoting the Human RIghts Commission.  they are holding rainbow flags as well

group of people holding up a blue banner that says Facebooks LGBT employee group

people at a pride parade in the rain - close up of a man in a red and black leather mask that covers his whole head, behind him and slightly blurry are two soldiers, navy guy in white on one side and army guy in greenish uniform on the other side

people at a pride parade in the rain - a person dressed in a long frilly pink and white dress pushing a walker on which there is large stuffed monkey

people at a pride parade in the rain - three young women holding squeeze bottles of paint, they are covered with paint that they have squeezed onto themselves

people at a pride parade in the rain - a young woman smiling from behind a lot of balloons that she is holding.

Three young men making peace signs as they pose for a camera

people at a pride parade in the rain - an older man in a superman costume walks along a sidewalk past other people who are walking on the road in preparations for the parade.  Most of them are holding umbrellas

people at a pride parade on a rainy day - a policeman helps with crowd control along the barricades of the parade route
pride parade goes on behind blue metal fence, in the rain, near the end of the parade

people at a pride parade on a rainy day - the back of a woman with short black hair.  She has a tattoo across the back of her neck that says Elizabth as well as a temporary colourful tattoo that includes the words #for a colourful city

people at a pride parade on a rainy day - a group watches the parade from the balcony of a bar

Man wearing black rabbit ears, dressed in black leather, and holding a large carrot at a pride parade

people at a pride parade on a rainy day - man is red mask and red wig as well as white gloves has his hand over his mouth as he begins to throw a kiss towards the camera

people at a pride parade on a rainy day - a nude man poses in the middle of the road while he takes a selfie.  Onlookers watch.

You don’t need clothes to take a selfie!

people at a pride parade on a rainy day - an older man in a flowery wig and flowery top along with a bulky necklace stands in front of a crowd, close up shot of head and shoulders