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below: I doubt she’s saying that she loves the sunshine THIS MUCH!  but I’d like to think she is.   That’s certainly what was going through my head for most of the weekend so I’m going to pretend that she agrees with me!… especially since I am writing this as the rain falls outside my window.

a group of women walking down College Street at Montrose on a sunny winter day. One of the women is wearing a black coat and she has her arms open wide.

But back to those ravens and flamingos that I promised you…..

below: But not everyone’s happy.  Witches brewing with ravens and crows nearby.   There always seems to be symbolism associated with these large black birds so I went searching for information.  Ravens and crows are found throughout most of the northern hemisphere so many diverse cultures have their own mythologies surrounding these birds.  The best summary I found was this,  “On the negative side, Raven represents the profane, the devil, evil spirits, the trickster and thief, war and destruction, death and doom, the void.  Yet in many cultures Raven also represents deep magic, the mystery of the unknown, death and transformation, creation, healing, wisdom, protection, and prophecy. ” (source)  We don’t know exactly what Fiya Bruxa, Shalak, and Bruno had in mind when they painted this mural but I doubt that it was something positive – those witches look rather angry and nasty.

a mural on a wall of two angry women's faces. One is pale pink and the other is yellow. Many crows or ravens are flying upwards from the women. The mural is on the side of a store that is part of a row of three storey brick storefronts.

below: From the vengeful looking faces above to these hopelessly romantic flamingos is just a matter of a few steps along College Street.  They’re the center part of a larger mural by Katia Engell.

part of a largeer mural of two pink flamingoes with the necks intertwined and their beaks together in a kiss, red petals behind them.

large pink flamingo painted on a wall, part of mural of 4 pink flamingos by Katia Engell

There are 4 flamingos altogether and they are in between two other murals.
In the picture below you can just see the yellow of an alphabet mural by runt

three pink flamingos. Two with entwined necks and one looking on, street art,

below: Too many things in the way makes for an awkward photo but you can still see enough of it to play the game of what creature goes with what letter!  R is for robot dog?  Z is for zlithering thingy with rings?

a mural by runt on a bright yellow background with letters of the alphabet in black and many imaginary creatures in bright colours.

below: J is for jumping purple blob?  C is for coughing-up- dinnersaurus?
And look, an alley to explore……


Wait! Before going down the alley I want to take a few steps backwards. Remember that I mentioned that the flamingos were between two murals?  This is what is on the other side…..

below:  Three cowboys in a mural signed by J Bizzel 4 Shizzel.
The one with his shirt off is the one under the air conditioner.

a mural of three cowboys, one tall, one in the middle and one short, purple and orange scenery behind them.

below: This strange but happy fellow was waiting in the alley.

face of a creature with bulging eyeballs, a large oen mouth showing many big rounded white teeeth, and a long tongue that can make a spiral as it curls back on itself.

a man is spray painting street art on the back of a building in an alley. Two others are standing in the lane watching him

part of a mural of a boy with headphones on, seat crossed legged on the ground and pointing downwards. He seems to be pointing at a collection of spray paint cans sitting on the ground below the mural.

below: If you look closely at this painting, you will notice that the wavy lines continue behind the bars of the railing and that there is only a small distance between the railing and the wall.    That was not a simple paint job.

a white staircase is diagonal in the picture, with white metal bars and railng, immediately behind it is a street art picture of an orange face blowing down towards the stairs. White wavy lines radiate from the open mouth

below: ‘Such a fool’ and someone to agree with it.

paste up graffiti that says such a fool. Someone has written true in large letters beside it.

below: I’m not too sure what to say about this one.  Vermut? or Vermouth?  Too much vermouth and you take your clothes off, versmut?  Bad joke.

a tall green bottle painted on the wall with the word vermut written vertically. Beside the bottle is painted a naked woman draped in red with breasts showing.

street art picture of a triangular shaped face looking upwards, open eyes and partially open mouth, behind the face is streaks of blue, yellow and red.

That’s the end of our little tour.
Find a sunny spot and pull up a chair and rest your feet for a few minutes.

chairs and a set of drawers outside a store full of antiques and stuff, the door is open and you can see into the store where there are two men shopping.

Tomorrow there will be puddles to go splashing through…
but that’s a story for another day.

afternoon in the park when the snow and ice begin to melt. Lots of water, big puddles, a few people walking dogs on the path trying to stay dry, reflections of them and many trees in the puddles.



You better watch out, you better not cry
Better not pout, I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is comin’ to town

… and he arrived on Saturday amidst the gusty winds and light snow.   Winter arrived on the same day!

Before the parade there was the Holly Jolly Fun Race, a 5 km race along the Santa Claus parade route.

Holly Jolly Fun Run, before the Santa Claus parade, runners getting ready to start the race - group shot, woman in Mrs. Santa outfit, man in ho ho ho toque and red Santa jacket, woman in blue and another woman in a white Toronto hoodie

Holly Jolly Fun Run, before the Santa Claus parade, runners getting ready to start the race - a boy with black scarf over most of his face, wearing red gloves, gives a two thumbs up

Santa Claus parade - two clowns in fuzzy hair wigs mingle amongst the crowd before the parade starts, lots of smiling faces.

Santa Claus parade - two kids in shiny orange, green, red and yellow costumes, sitting on a float in the parade, they have their hands in mitts covering their mouths and chins trying to keep warm.

Santa Claus parade - Toronto mayor JOhn Tory poses with two kids at the start of the parade

Santa Claus parade - people walking in the parade dressed in large blue and white rabbit costumes, all carrying large stuffed carrots.

Santa Claus parade - a girl is looking cold, sitting on a float in chef's jacket and hat and large orange scarf. She is sitting beside a large sculpture of a woman sitting on a wood chair with an orange cup in her hand

 - a boy is sitting on a float in a white chicken costume, two fake but real looking chickens are beside him

Santa Claus parade -

Santa Claus parade - a float with a very large replica of Thomas The Tank Engine with three kids sitting beside it.

Santa Claus parade - two kids wearing Toronto Maple Leafs sweatshirts and toques sitting on a float with a loarge replica of Carlton the Leafs mascot. The skate and end of the stick of a large statue of a hockey player is also in the picture.

Santa Claus parade - a young boy stands with his back to the camera. He is in front of people sitting on the sidewalk waiting for the parade to start. It is snowing and people are all bundled up. In this case, a mother and her daughter are dressed in white jackets and have a white blanket over their knees.

Santa Claus Parade - a young woman with a gold crown decorated with little red hearts, wearing a pale yellow dress, walking in the parade, waves at the camera

Santa Claus parade - the mascot for the Toronto Raptors basketball team is standing on the back of a golf cart driven by two people, others in costume walk behind, people standing on the sidewalks watching the parade go by

Santa Claus Parade - a man dressed as a clown with frizzy orange hair and a polka dot outfit laughs as the wind tries to blow his wig off

Santa Claus Parade - a black woman in a red jacket and brown scarf poses with a man in a clown costume with bright red hair.

Santa Claus parade, pokemon float, with a large yellow pikachu in front

Santa Claus parade - many people dressed like raggedy Ann dolls in pink, orange and yellow with bright red hair.

Santa Claus Parade - a young Asian boy stands beside a float featuring large sized characters from the Peppa Pig story books.

Santa Claus parade - three people walking in the parade with costumes that make it look like they are clowns that are walking on their hands, people on the sidewalk watching the parade.

Santa Claus parade, along the beginning of the parade, off to the side, a character in a Chase costume (a character from the TV program Paw Patrol) is posing with two little kids and their father

Santa Claus parade - a young woman in a clown costume with large fuzzy white wig, waves, she is wearing white gloves

two kids dresses as Christmas elves in green, red and white wave to passersby as they sit on a float with a large Grinch reading a book, Santa Claus parade

Santa Claus parade - a woman in hat and plaid shirt has a puppet of a long necked white goose on her hand and arm

boys cheering and watching floats in the Santa Claus parade, some people dressed in costumes like gold and blue toy soldiers, a fox on a float.

Santa Claus parade - at the end of the parade, Santa arrives on his sled being pulled by reindeer

people standing on the sidewalk cheering and waving at the Santa Claus parade

Santa Claus parade - two girls huddle under blankets and parkas while sitting on the sidewalk waiting for the parade to start

#TOsanta | #TOsantaparade

Wood cracks.  Metal rusts. Paint fades and paint peels, its just what happens to paint when its exposed to the elements.  Street art painted on a surface suffers the same fate.  Nothing lasts forever and sometimes a mural’s life span is quite short.  Sometimes other factors come into play – street art is defaced or altered in some way.  Tags cover it; words get written on it.  That too is the nature of street art.

black stencil of a woman's head and hands. Also an old paper paste up of a person that is badly torn around the edges. A very simple face has been drawn above it in pink

below: I love what the weather has done to this woman’s face.  Aging with grace and dignity.  The texture of the old wood adds an element of depth and character to her as well.

street art painting of part of a woman's face on a wooden fence, old and faded and the wood is starting to crack

below:  One slat replaced.   I’m sure it wasn’t the artist’s intent, but the gaps in the wood look like bars in a cage, or those metal bars you often see on windows.

street art painting of part of a woman's face, in blues, on a wood fence, vertical pieces of wood with slight gaps between the wood

below: Broken chin, but still watching the world pass by on Baldwin Street.

anser face on an old wood gate that is wearing out, broken across the bottom. bikes parked to the left of the gate

below: Yelling at the bushes.

a very colourful and stylized face painted on a wall, large open mouth, looks like fiendish laughter, showing off large white teeth. A large green weed, or small shrub, has started growing in front of it.

below: Eyes are mysterious things.  I have never been able to draw them properly and I am in awe of those who can.  Even more so if the eyes communicate something, some emotion or expression.

eyes, street art, staring straight ahead. part of a large face painted on a wall in green tones.

below: I have always been intrigued by this face.  A photo of the original painting hangs on one of my walls.   I still find her mesmerizing.  Those blue eyes still stare at the world.  Is she looking through a veil?  Or is she able to see through all the nonsense that the world throws at her?

street art painting of part of a woman's face by anser, on olive green backgound, partially painted over and with words written in front of it.

below: A devilish child is still in good shape.

two bright orange stencils of faces. one is a laughing child with devil horns and the other is a woman's head.

street art painting of part of a woman's face, in purple . eyes closed, looking down, with hew lock and key on the door that she's painted on, wearing a necklace

street art painting of part of a woman's face, bright red hair, greenish face, blue background, eyes closed,

white line drawing on a rusty metal door of a woman's face, slightly open mouth with lots of teeth, curly hair

part of a mural on a wall showing two Easter Island type heads

below: “Without money we’d all be rich”.  That’s the kerb (curb) that runs along the bottom of the picture.  Her whole face was not there in the first place.

street art painting of part of a woman's face, on a wall, in greens and purples, she is looking to the left

below: And animal faces too!

part of a Uber 5000 mural, a dog with a tiny blue hat and a yellow birdie on a bicycle

Summer in the city – enjoying the summer weather!

below: Toronto street art in Graffiti Alley.

Street art painting in a n alley that says Toronto in blue

below: skateboarders

Two young men on skateboards are passing by, another is holding onto the back bumber of a red car while he is on a skateboard and the car is moving.

below: Enjoying a quiet moment, late afternoon.

a woman sits on an outdoor patio, under a large yellow and white umbrella with a Singha Beer ad on it, sitting on a bright red plastic stool. Other plastic stools are around her, both red and blue

below: Painting shingles – June 4th was 100 in One Day, a day where community activites are promoted. One of the activities on Kenwood Lane was shingle painting.

kids painting designs on wooden shingles, outdoors.

below: Running through the fountains at Yonge Dundas Square

a boy runs down the middle of the fountains at Dundas Square with his arms out at his side and a smile on his face

below: World Naked Bike Ride participants cycle through Kensington.

Five or six men on bicycles on a street in Kensington, they are all naked. One is wearing a large Canada Flag hat and has a Canadian flag flying from the back of his bike. Participants in the World Naked Bike Day.

below: Relaxing at Nathan Phillips Square.  #sitTO is a campaign to increase the number of places to sit in public spaces.

A man sits on a folding chair beside the fountain at Nathan Phillips Square. He has his feet up on the bars of his bike that is balanced there.

below: Distillery District

A woman is posing by the large red heart in the distillery district, she is leaning back on one side of it.

below: Patio, College Street

a restaurant on the corner of two streets, with a patio both out front and at the side. Both are full on a sunny late afternoon.

A woman is carrying a cat in what looks like a baby carrier on her chest. It is a Siamese cat

a frontyard full of small purple, blue and white flowers, all behind a chainlink fence

Nathan Phillips Square, 14 Nov 2015
A quiet gathering in support of Paris


looking through the end O of the 3D Toronto sign towards the main part of Nathan Phillips Square where a large number of people have gathered

The event started with a few speeches.   French Consul General Mr. Marc Trouyet spoke first, followed by Carolyn Bennett, Liberal MP and then Toronto mayor John Tory.

Carolyn Bennett, Liberal MP, speaks at a gathering at Nathan Phillips Square that pays tribute to the city of Paris. A lineup of other people waiting to talk, including John Tory, mayor, is standing behind her.

A woman in a white beret and red scarf is holding a lit candle and a small French flag

The official part of the event ended with two minutes of silence.

A crowd of people standing at Nathan Phillips Square listening to speeches. Some people hold two large French flags.

A sign on a backpack that says Toronto est Paris. Written in blue, white and red

Three people standing in front of the 3D Toronto sign, holding a French flag and a large sign that says "Pas Feur, no fear"

A young man with a French flag draped over his shoulders is being interviewed for TV


Borden Street becomes an alley south of College Street.  It runs along the east side of Kensington Community School, then makes a turn and runs part way along the south side of the school.  All of the garage doors have been painted with pictures and murals.

below:  The most northerly garage door has a sign that indicates that the murals were a gift to the children of Kensington Community School from the Kensington Market Action Committee.  They were painted by a number of different artists.

A large green and black beetle (or a similar insect) painted on a garage door along with words

longer view of part of an alley showing the street art covered garage doors.

Street art piece of a tag in the middle and a face on either top corner.

Graffiti on a garage door.  A face is in the top right corner and she is looking down towards the ground.  Stylized.

Graffiti painting of a hand holding a can of spray paint.

Garage door with a very large round fat yellow mother hen with two little chicks following behind her.

Graffiti painting on a garage door of the words "Hi Def" in rounded fat letters with colours in pinks greens and black squares.

A mural on a garage door, a wispy picture of a man, an owl and a pair of eyes

close up of a man

north end of an alley with garage doors on the right, white chain link fence on the left.   The garage doors are covered with street art and graffiti.

North end of the alley, looking towards College Street.


below:  Hey and Hello, by J. Stanton

 A mural on a garage door, all yellow and black, stylized figures a fish, a bone, a wedge of cheese with a face, two cherries made into little figures with eyes, mouth and legs, a large sandwich with a face on the bun as well as arms and legs, also a lemon with eyes, arms and legs.  personified food,,

below: A painting by lexr in 2012, Hey Markusiel.
The sign on the gate refers to the Yinka Dene Alliance, a coalition of six First Nations groups from northern British Columbia who organized to stop the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline being built through their territory.

Wooden garage door with a painting of a boy with a baseball cap on his head and a breathing mask around his neck and nose.

below: Street art piece by Cam Novak

Purple and blue abstract street art on a garage door.

below: Max and the Wild Things by ACS Murals (Annex Creative Services Murals)

Mural on a garage door of Max and the Wild Things, characters from the children's book "Where the Wild Things Are" .  They are swinging from tree branches.

Close up of a Mural on a garage door of Max and the Wild Things, characters from the children's book "Where the Wild Things Are" .  Two of the wild things are  are swinging from tree branches.

below: Another ACS mural

mural on a garage door in an alley of a marine scene.  A large grey and white shark is swimming along with a yellow and black angel fish.  There is a pink starfish and some coral as well.

Graffiti tag on a garage door in an alley, green tag on blue and orange background.  The tag, or word, says "sighto" or something like that.

Blue graffiti tag on pale orange background on a laneway garage door.  The word 'Suniti' is written in small letters in the top left corner.

below: The next four pictures are from a mural that covers a couple of garages.  From left to right.

colourful graffiti of two bulls

multicoloured street art on a garage door of a boy reaching forward, his hand is foreshortened and is clasest to the viewer.

street art painting on a garage door in a laneway, a woman with open mouth under a row of eyes

colourful graffiti painting of a man's face surrounded by a lot of abstract shapes

Located at the northwest corner of Regent Park Blvd and St. David St.,
(which is south of Dundas East and east of Sackville)
painted on the wood hoardings around a construction site.

 This wall was painted as part of The Patch Project
PATCH = “Public Art Through Construction Hoarding”

Unfortunately, one photo that is missing is one of the section of the wall that is a large section that says “Conquer Adversity with Diversity”, the title of this work.

Colourful graffiti on hoardings around a construction site.  Scenes of people and faces, kids on bikes, activities.  The word Welcome is written in red cursive.  Two apartment buildings are in thebackground.
Colourful graffiti on hoardings around a construction site.  The words Regent Park are written in large blue  & purple cursive writing.  An entrance to the construction site is between the two words.
Colourful graffiti on hoardings around a construction site. A woman's head and three men's faces in profile.  They are all under the same pink head covering.

Colourful graffiti on hoardings around a construction site.  A large woman in head scarf with her eyes closed, people on bikes riding on a path

Colourful graffiti on hoardings around a construction site.Young man in blue baseball cap

graffiti people.  One of whom has there hands over their mouth.

Colourful graffiti on hoardings around a construction site.  Six stylized hands in a row, on blue background.  Highrise apartment building is in the background.

Colourful graffiti on hoardings around a construction site.  Large blue boy's face with a large bird taking flight beside him


Street art of six stylized hands on a blue background.
Colourful graffiti on hoardings around a construction site.  Two men punching, one is punching while the other stands beside him with fists clenched

Street art painting of two guys on a wall around a construction site.  There are words in the picture.  The first word ends with e n c h I think.  The other words are Generation Rising Still

More information on The Patch Project