two minutes of silence

Posted: November 14, 2015 in events
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Nathan Phillips Square, 14 Nov 2015
A quiet gathering in support of Paris


looking through the end O of the 3D Toronto sign towards the main part of Nathan Phillips Square where a large number of people have gathered

The event started with a few speeches.   French Consul General Mr. Marc Trouyet spoke first, followed by Carolyn Bennett, Liberal MP and then Toronto mayor John Tory.

Carolyn Bennett, Liberal MP, speaks at a gathering at Nathan Phillips Square that pays tribute to the city of Paris. A lineup of other people waiting to talk, including John Tory, mayor, is standing behind her.

A woman in a white beret and red scarf is holding a lit candle and a small French flag

The official part of the event ended with two minutes of silence.

A crowd of people standing at Nathan Phillips Square listening to speeches. Some people hold two large French flags.

A sign on a backpack that says Toronto est Paris. Written in blue, white and red

Three people standing in front of the 3D Toronto sign, holding a French flag and a large sign that says "Pas Feur, no fear"

A young man with a French flag draped over his shoulders is being interviewed for TV


  1. icelandpenny says:

    I’m glad you caught this. I was going by on a streetcar, saw the crowd, guessed what must be happening. Good for you, being there.

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