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St. Enochs Square, between Massey Hall and the back of the stores facing Yonge St., just south of Shuter St.

This mural was painted about a year ago as part of a project to rejuvenate this alley.

entrance to laneway, red brick building on the left (Massey Hall), mural painted on the wall on the right.  Mural shows a woman & a boy blowing the  seeds from white puffy dandelions.

entrance to St. Enochs Sq. on Shuter St.


A woman is holding an infant and a small child. Another child is clinging to her.   A man is to her right and a girl is to her left.  The infant is ugly and may not really be an infant but instead be a little roly poly old man... or a hybrid of the two

left side of the mural

a large black and white cat is looking at the viewer.  It is wearing a little crown.  Beside the cat is a boy in a blue and white striped shirt who is blowing the seeds off a puffy white dandelion.

blowing dandelions


panorama view of the whole mural

panorama of the mural