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This mural is on the south wall of Hosteling International on Church St.,
and in a parking lot on Court St.,
just north of King St. East and across from St. James Cathedral.

Painted July 2015

The beginnings of the mural on Court St. in Toronto.  The picture is drawn in blue on the wall, and the bottom part is painted.  Scaffolding is in place but no one is there at that moment.

This project was a collaboration between Mural Routes and the Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association.  Artists were youth from Cape Dorset as well as graduates from Toronto’s Oasis Skateboard Factory: Latch Akesuk, Audi Qinnuayuaq, Cie Taqiasuq, Parr Etidloie, Julieta Arias and Moises Frank.

Two people sitting on scaffolding while they paint a mural

A man wearing a hard hat who is sitting on scaffolding and painting a mural on the side of a building.

Completed mural of stylized and symbolic bird and snimal shapes in many bright colours.  It is at least two storeys high.
Close up picture of the mural's bottom center part showing a man in winter clothing with a snowmobile strapped to his back.  He is hunched over as he walks.  On the snowmobile of a very large bird shaped crature with faces covering its body.


Birdo street art on the side wall  of Amato Pizza,
corner of Borden and College Streets.

birdo street art on a rust coloured brick wall.  Two animal like creatures in greens, blues and rusts.  They are larger than life size, taking up most of the side of the building, up to the second storey level.

birdo street art, close up of multicoloured creature over a doorway.  Belly and legs are visible in the photo

birdo street art on a rust coloured wall.  Yellow stylized bir with wing, claw and head in the picture

I went back to Graffiti Alley the other day.
When I was just east of Niagara Street I noticed these eyes looking at me.

One very realistic eye in a partial circle, in a boarded up window above head level so it looks like it's looking down at you.

A small blue Stickman sneaks into the photo too!


A wall with a door in the middle of it.  There is a street art piece of three heads.  Two very stylized men and a more realistic looking woman.  Bright colours.

Three faces painted on a garage door by Jon Todd.

Close up of a stylized and slightly abstacted man's face on a wall in an alley

close up of a street piece that is very red, with one whitish grey eye.  Some faint swirly white lines demark the face, or at least the upper quadrant that is visible in the picture

A sticker on a pole with green in the background. The sticker is of a man's head. He has a beard and big brown moustache and he is wearing a red toque with a label on it that says 'checo'

slightly abstacted painting of a face in white orange, yellow and brown, in 3/4 profile

Some stickers or slaps on the side of an air conditioner.  One is of a frog head with its tongue out and eyes closed.  The other is of a green man's face, also with his tongue out.

A garage covered with a large abstract and very colourful painting, swirls and geometric shapes, along with at least  three or four eyes.  Signed @jchiale

by Jimmy Chiale

Close up, and a side angle shot, of colourful graffiti on a door, door frame and wall.  Bright colours, geometric shapes such as white circle around brown, pink zig zags.

…and a mouth too!

Graffiti painting of a bright red pair of lips slightly parted to see shiney white teeth.   On a garage door, in an alley.

 Links for more information

Jon Todd

Jimmy Chiale

Located at the northwest corner of Regent Park Blvd and St. David St.,
(which is south of Dundas East and east of Sackville)
painted on the wood hoardings around a construction site.

 This wall was painted as part of The Patch Project
PATCH = “Public Art Through Construction Hoarding”

Unfortunately, one photo that is missing is one of the section of the wall that is a large section that says “Conquer Adversity with Diversity”, the title of this work.

Colourful graffiti on hoardings around a construction site.  Scenes of people and faces, kids on bikes, activities.  The word Welcome is written in red cursive.  Two apartment buildings are in thebackground.
Colourful graffiti on hoardings around a construction site.  The words Regent Park are written in large blue  & purple cursive writing.  An entrance to the construction site is between the two words.
Colourful graffiti on hoardings around a construction site. A woman's head and three men's faces in profile.  They are all under the same pink head covering.

Colourful graffiti on hoardings around a construction site.  A large woman in head scarf with her eyes closed, people on bikes riding on a path

Colourful graffiti on hoardings around a construction site.Young man in blue baseball cap

graffiti people.  One of whom has there hands over their mouth.

Colourful graffiti on hoardings around a construction site.  Six stylized hands in a row, on blue background.  Highrise apartment building is in the background.

Colourful graffiti on hoardings around a construction site.  Large blue boy's face with a large bird taking flight beside him


Street art of six stylized hands on a blue background.
Colourful graffiti on hoardings around a construction site.  Two men punching, one is punching while the other stands beside him with fists clenched

Street art painting of two guys on a wall around a construction site.  There are words in the picture.  The first word ends with e n c h I think.  The other words are Generation Rising Still

More information on The Patch Project