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Toronto Labour Day ParadeĀ 
Monday 7th September
from Queen & University to the CNE

A group walks in a labour day parade, they are carrying a red banner that says A union for everyone. THey are also carrying red unifor flags.

Two people in a labour day parade. The man is wearing wonder woman sunglasses.

A man holds a banner in the Labour day parade, only part of the banner can be seen but it is for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers

A group walking in a lbaour day parade, they are carrying a large banner that says I am ready for change, the Union of hospitality workers

Two women in black caps and T-shirts are walking in a labour day parade. One of them is carrying a Canadian flag

A large group from OPSEU SEFPO union walk in a labour day parade behind a large banner stating Standing Up For Workers Rights and good jobs for all. they are wearing blue t-shirts.

Four women in purple t-shirts from SEIU healthcare union walk in a labour day parade. One woman is wearing sunglasses with agents of change written on them. Another woman has the words The Social Picketer written on the front.

Two people walking in a Labour Day parade. One of them has a small circular sign covering her face with a picture of a pair of glasses on it, and the words library worker on it.

A group of people walk in a labour day parade

I man from the shoulders up. He is wearing a camo like t-shirt and hat with the ironworkers union label, and he is standing in front of a blue ironworkers flag.

An IATSE union group walks in a parade, Stagehands according to the banner that they are carrying.

A girl in a blue hat and holding a unifor union flag sits on a flatbed truck in a labour day parade. An Asian woman sits beside her.

A group of people walks in a labour day parade wearing orange t-shirts and carrying small flags that say Vote for Historic Change

A young man waves a pennant for the ONA, Ontario Nursing Association, as he walks in labour day parade

A t-shirt hanging in the window of a car. It has a picture of Stephen Harper wearing a crown and the words No More Democracy. There is a button on the t-shirt that says Harper's last day, 19th October 2015.

Four kids with flags walking in a labour day parade with their parents.

A black woman wearing a brightly coloured hat is waving a small sign that says I am not alone. She is walking in a labour day parade with a group from local 75

workers from local 183 union walk in a labour day parade while carrying union flags

Three people stand on the sidewalk by La Abuela, a Peruvian restaurant. A young girl is holding a CBC sign above her head while her father stands beside her. A woman in black burka and white head scarf is also on the sidewalk.

A young woman is holding up a sign about youth cares about and then it lists a few things like employment, tuition fees, unions, climate and the environment, at a Labour day parade

A woman carries a purple parasol as she walks in a labor day parade. She is wearing purple sunglasses that say Agent of Change on them

A couple look at his phone while they walk down Dufferin Ave. in front of a parade. Walkers in the parade are in ornage t-shirts in the background.

A labour day parade, people in red t-shirts walk behind a red banner for Toronto ACORN, Social Justice, Economic Justice. ACORN stands for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.

The backs of a group walking in a labour day parade, they are wearing purple t-shirts with the words The Society of Energy Professionals, IFPTE local 160. One of the women is wearing a red hat with a Canadian flag on it.

Two women walk in a Labour day parade in support of the CBC

Labour day parade - ACTRA group walking behind a banner that says respect the artist

Men walking in a labour day parade. They are wearing baseball caps. One of them has a small union flag tucked into the back of his cap. transit workers local 113

Two kids in the back of a pick up truck in a lbaour day parade. The truck is pulling a trailer with a picture of a circle of hands

men and women from IBEW (electrical workers) walk in a labour day parade

A man carried a purple flag and wears a placard on his front with a picture of man on it. Missing person, Bernardo Flores Alcazar.  The person behind him is holding a picture of Jose A. Navarrete Gonzalez

A man who is walking in a labour day parade is carrying three signs, first Pwer work union, second Settlements based on perjury is wrong and third supressing evidence is wrong

A group walks in a parade beside a large truck that is carrying more people on the back of it. They are carrying placards and banners in support of Canada Post. There is also a yellow banner that says Smash Capitalist Austerity

Two people in a labour day parade are carrying round signs, one says national health care program and the other says a fair minimum wage.

An Asian woman holds two small NDP flags as she stands on a sidewalk on Queen St. West by the Rex bar as she watches a labour day parade

Labour day parade - two marchers, one with a sign that protests agains the WSIB and the other person's sign says This person wants justice for injured workers

Group shot of union IATSE local 873, Toronto Motion Picture Technicians, prior to walking a labour day parade

Labour Day parade - hand written signs on the side of a truck that say, My work place is safe thanks to my union, and, I retired with dignity thanks to my union

A dog has a pink bandana around his neck. He is with a group walking in a labour day parade although only their legs and feet show in the picture

An Asian woman rides her bike in a labour day parade. She is wearing a CUPE 2484 shirt. Her bike has two baskets, one in front and one behind. Both are covered with artificial flowers and buttons. She has a small NDP flag in the back basket.

A man is wearing an orange T-shirt with round green stickers and buttons on it. They all say Go Vote