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Teesdale Place runs west off of Pharmacy Ave., just east of Victoria Park subway station.

below: Victoria Park subway station is on the far left. As the tracks cross Pharmacy Avenue, there is a mural by Jarus of a boy holding a blue jay that covers all of the underpass.

apartment buildings on Teesdale Place behind the above ground subway tracks as it approaches Pharmacy Ave where there is a Jarus mural on the walls of the underpass

Jarus mural of a young boy with a blue jay

mural by Jarus of a young boy holding a blue jay bird, beside sidewalk on TTC subway underpass Pharmacy Ave in Scarborough

silver colour TTC subway crosses over bridge over Pharmacy Ave in Scarborough

On the other side of the underpass is another mural by Jarus – a young girl holding a cardinal carefully in her hand.

mural by Jarus of a young girl holding a cardinal bird, beside sidewalk on TTC subway underpass Pharmacy Ave in Scarborough

mural by Jarus of a young girl holding a cardinal bird, beside sidewalk on TTC subway underpass Pharmacy Ave in Scarborough, with a subway train passing by overhead

below: Teesdale Place

apartment building behind chainlink, triangular piece of mural in the foreground.

path across lawn, entrance to apartment building

Little pale blue wood house with small porch and white front door

Faces in the alley, Graffiti Alley

As March turns into April and winter sort of turns into spring.




below: Looks like someone has already started his spring cleaning.


below: He says, “See you in hell”.
She thinks, “I’m already there. You should try living beside this smelly thing.”


below: Jarus has painted a young man


below: It seems that even Lovebot needs to eat…  Not sure about the purple hamburger bun though!



A return trip, out of this world.

Toronto street sign, Milky Way, with a one way arrow sign below it.

below: Street art along the north wall of 376 Dufferin Street.

tag-like street art under a window in an alley

tag-like street art under a window in an alley that says GEMS

tag-like street art under a window in an alley

Street art on a wall in an alley, A Jarus woman with a blue shawl around her shoulders and a persue rabbit reaching for money that the woman is holding in her hand.

below: A new buff monster on pink.

A garage door in an alley painted pink. A large fat grey creature with bat-like wings and bulging eye takes up most of the space, a small skeleton is sitting on the creature's head. The piece is signed Buff Monster

below: Greetings from Parkdale mural

Greetings from Parkdale mural in light blue and purple featuring a ttc streetcar in shades of purple

below: This mural can be seen from Milky Way although it is painted on the side of Stones Place on Queen St. West

vacant lot, with a grey van parked in it, two pieces of street art on a wall as well as a large two storey mural


below: Back in October 2014, there was a large lovebot on the wall where the mural is now.
For other photos of Milky Way from last autumn, see when  I blogged about it previously.

large wheatpaste lovebot on a brick wall

A large street art piece painted in an alley. It covers most of the side of a brick house. It is mostly blue lines and arrows.

graffiti in yellows and greens on a blue background, on a wall in an alley, between two windows with metal grilles, signed BSM Crew

Street art in pinks and reds, signed by Wizard

Two heart stickers on a metal pole. One is a pink lovebot shaped heart and one is a drawing of two hands making a heart shape with the thumbs and forefingers

A black poser bunny spray painted on a wall that is covered with slaps, stickers, and words written in black marker
A number of stickers, or slaps, on a black metal box

Black and white wheatpaste of a man's head, bald but with a large curly beard. Line drawing

Other new street art in the Milky Way was in a separate post a few days ago.

The Tower Automotive building is on Sterling Ave. in the Junction.  This ten storey building was built in the 1920s.  Tower Automotive went bankrupt in 2005 and the building has been empty ever since.  A number of years ago there was talk of turning it into studio space but for a temporary art installation or two, nothing has been done with this heritage building.


Chainlink fence in front of the building.

A chainlink fence surrounds the north part of the site.

….. but part of the fence was down and nobody was working on the site, so in we went.

Some of the graffiti on the west side of the building: 

graffiti on the back of the Tower Automotive building, a tall brick building - looking along the side of the building, the head of the reclining woman is in the foreground.  Construction equipment is also in the picture.

graffiti on the back of the Tower Automotive building, a tall brick building - the backside of a naked woman who is lying on the ground.  Much larger than lifesize, painted by Jarus.

graffiti on the back of the Tower Automotive building, a tall brick building - a large light blue face with tags on either side of it.

graffiti on the back of the Tower Automotive building, a tall brick building - the words cant hold me back are written in black on top of yellow and turquoise.
graffiti on the back of the Tower Automotive building, a tall brick building - a woman with purple hair wearing a brown and red hat.  She is holding a blue watering can.  She has an anchor tattoo on her upper arm.

moving around the building

On a concrete telephone pole, a black and white drawing of a man's head.  The word Others is coming out of his mouth.

on the east side of the building

wall of a building with a wheatpaste lovebot and a standard city of Toronto development proposal sign.  Some tags are also on the building.

The sign says “Draft of Subdivision Proposal, 158 Sterling Rd. – Castlepoint Studio Partners Limited has made an application to subdivide the property at 158 Sterling Road into 7 blocks in order to create a mixed use development that will have building heights ranging between 2 – 17 storeys.

a large gameboy lovebot on the side of a concrete wall.
lovebot and an anser black, white and grey face on a conrete wall.
a tag over old graffiti
blue construction fence is in focus in the foreground with a construction site behind it.  A tall brick building stands in the construction site.

The Milky Way  from Dufferin to Elm Grove.

Once upon a time this alley led to a dairy.  Story has it that milk was often spilt along the way.

graffiti picture on a brick wall of a horse's head, a wagon wheel and spilt milk pouring from a large container.

At the west end of the Milky Way is a mural of two horses (one shown here), a wagon wheel, and an overturned milk can.


There is also quite a bit of graffiti in the alley.

a line of graffiti little green guys that look sort of like aliens with stick arms and legs and big black eyes.


large pink graffiti tag letters on either side of a black door in an alley

Large orange and yellow graffiti letters that say It's Like A Jungle Sometimes.  There is a door on the right side and on the door is a large black and white picture of a woman from the waist up.  She is bare chested with little pink hearts covering her nipples.


Large bright orange and blue tag on a wood fence


close up of a stencil graffiti of 2 cherries.  Beside the cherries is the letter R in blue.  Both are on concrete with a crack in it


Three large pinkish alien like creatures on a corrugated metal fence.  Some ivy is hanging over the fence


Graffiti on a wall with a window in the corner.  The picture is of a person singing into a microphone.  The words I want your skulls are above the person's head.

graffiti face between two colourful tags.  Part of a window is the picture and there is a small Eiffel Tower on the window sill. .

Graffiti fishes and shark swimming on a wall.  Some weeds are growing up in front of them them and it looks like seaweed.  Two old Vote Spud signs are on a railing in this picture as well.

A silly face with big teeth with the word crush under it, graffiti on a wall in the alley.  Green garbage bins in front of the wall.


mural on a wall of a young woman with a large blue scarf handing money to a cartoon rabbit

pink, brown, and light blue tag on a wall.


Ghost Dick are the words in the graffiti and they are accompanied by a white drawing of a ghost walking to the left with it's arms in front


A corrugated metal wall that is partially obscured by vines.  Under the vines is a green graffiti tag.  There is also a door in the wall with the number 55 on it.  It is someone's home.  There is also a mailbox.


An old wood & glass door that has been painted over with graffiti.  A green and white sign saying Entrance is above the door.  Graffiti is on both sides of the door.


Part of a street art painting in blues and purples.  It looks very geometric in design.  Some weeds are growing up in front of it.


wispy space alien with a blue substance coming from its body and spreading into a purple and red tag