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line of statues of hockey players in front of the Air Canada Centre, Legends Row in Toronto, a few people are standing in front of the statues.

Legends Row in Maple Leaf Square is growing.  Last week, three more statues of Leafs players were added to the line up of statues already there.  This is the fourth installment and now Turk Broda, Dave Keon, and Tim Horton have now taken their place outside the Air Canada Centre.

The unveiling of the latest statues coincided with the opening ceremonies for the 100th season of NHL hockey in Toronto.   That first year, the Toronto team was the Toronto Arenas and their only competition were the Montreal Canadiens and the Ottawa Senators.   The Arenas didn’t last very long; they folded because of financial problems.  For the 1919-20 season, the Toronto team was the St. Pats and their uniforms were green and white.   They remained the St. Pats until 1927 when Conn Smythe bought the team and changed the name to the Maple Leafs.    (The NHL was formed Nov 26, 1917 so technically we may have jumped the gun by a year, but we can fudge that and call it the 100th season!).

below: Goalies Turk Broda (right) and Johnny Bower (left) have a chat while George Armstrong stands in the background.  Broda (1914-1972) played goal and spent his whole NHL career with the Maple Leafs during which time they won the Stanley Cup five times.

three statues of former Toronto Maple Leaf players in Legends row in Toronto, goalies Turk Broda on the right and Johnny Bower on the left, are standing, George Armstrong is in the background.

below: Dave Keon, number 14, stands behind the bench with his teammates.   Keon (b.1940) pl ayed for the Maple Leafs for 15 years during a career that lasted from 1960 to 1982.  He won the Calder trophy his first year and he was the team’s top goal scorer for many years.

statues of hockey players lined up behind the boards as if they were in a rink, some of the players in the background are jumping over the boards. Number 14 for the Toronto Maple Leafs is in the foreground, Dave Keon.

below: It looks like Tim Horton may have to share his stick.  I suspect that he’s going to have the problem fairly often!  Tim Horton (1930 – 1974) was a defenceman who played for the Leafs during the 1960’s when they won the Stanley Cup four times.  Also during this period he set the record for playing in consecutive regular season games, 486.

a woman in a pink jacket stands in front of a statue of a hockey player, Tim Horton.  She is holding onto his hockey stick.  There are a couple of other statues in the picture too.

a woman poses for a photo with a line of statues of hockey players

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Legends Row, Maple Leaf Square
in front of the Air Canada Centre

statues of  former Toronto Maple Leaf players,
Ted Kennedy, Johnny Bower and Darryl Sittler

Bronze statues of Maple Leafs Darryl Sittler and Ted Kennedy in front of the Air Canada Center.
below: Ted Kennedy played hockey for 14 seasons (1942-1957), all of which as a Toronto Maple Leaf. In those 14 years, the Leafs won five Stanley Cups.

Bronze statue of Maple Leaf hockey player Ted Kennedy, standing behind what is supposed to be the boards between the players bench and the ice.

below:  Sittler – One of Darryl Sittler’s claims to fame was in 1976 when he scored ten points in a singlemgame.  On 7 Feb 1976 the Leafs beat the Boston Bruins 11-4.   Sittler scored six of those goals and assisted on four others.

A bronze statue of Toronto Maple Leaf hockey player Darryl Sittler as he jumps over the boards and onto the ice, hockey stick in hand

below:  Johnny Bower was a Maple Leaf goalie from 1959 to 1978.  Often he was the oldest man on the team and at the end of his career he was the oldest player in the NHL.

bronze statue of Maple Leaf goalie Johnny Bower in his goalie uniform

Looking at the Legends Row statues from the side with Johnny Bower standing in the foreground.  Ted Kennedy and Darry Sittler are in the background