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I was going to go looking for autumn but, silly me, I soon realized that I didn’t need to look for it.   It’s all around us.  All you have to do is look out the window, or better yet, step out the door and you’re in the middle of it.  It’s falling in front of you, swirling in the breezes and crunching under your feet.

street scene, large trees with yellow and orange leaves, with a park in the center

a pot of purple flowers with a yellow tree in the background

a stone fence with a metal gate, large trees, autumn leaves
a branch of yellow leaves, autumn tree with blue sky and the turret of Casa Loma in the background

two storey brick house with large tree in front, smaller trees with yellow leaves in the background.
park in the fall, leaves on the ground, trees still with some leaves in oranges, rusts, and yellows, playground in the distance

a metal bench in front of a large tree in a cemetery, tree has yellow leaves, autumn colours, change of season, fallen leaves on the ground around the bench

trees in autumn, red leaves and yellow leaves

Color Me Rad, 5 km walk/run
Downsview Park, Saturday 30 May 2015,
in aid of Big Brothers and Big Sisters
15,000 participants of all ages

shoes covered with orange powder, and socks and legs

color me rad run near the start of the race when everyone is still clean

color me rad run, runners running under three inflatable orange banners

women wearing tutus in color me rad run

A man wearing a red baseball cap is running through a haze of purple powder - color me rad run

color me rad run through Downsview Park, on the path, past newly planted young trees, some runners are on the path running towards the camera while others are on another path running in the opposite direction

Two young men get hit with orange powder bomb, one of them gets it in the face

Young women wearing sunglasses, color me rad run

running through clouds of orange powder, color me rad run

running through clouds of orange powder, color me rad run - a woman in blue is throwing orange powder at a group of runners who are wearing white.  Two of the women are wearing white shorts with big letters spelling RAD on the back

Four runners running past a direction sign on the color me rad run

A child holds its mother's hand, color me rad run

color me rad runners

man with arms raised as a woman throws purple powder at him.

A child hold its father's hand, color me rad run

Two women wait with orange powder bombs in their hands, as a group of runners approach them, color me rad run

running through clouds of orange powder, color me rad run - three kids, the boy in front is clutching his arms to his chest and he is smiling.  A girl is beside him and smiling as he gets covered with orange powder

A young girl with a pink flower on her hair band, and wearing pink sunglasses is running through a cloud of orange powder, a couple of men are in the haze behind her

A young woman in pink shorts is jumping as she goes past those who are colour bombing in the color me rad run.  Her hair is standing on end.

One woman throws purple powder at another woman whose arms are raised above her head.

A woman with a lot of yellow and orange powder in her hair raises her arms as another woman throws purple powder at her.

Three color covered people are lying on the grass, heads together in a triangle, while a man takes their picture from above.

running through clouds of orange powder, color me rad run , a woman with 'Northern' written on her Tshirt is getting hit with orange powder.

running through clouds of orange powder, color me rad run - a group of runners

The orange powder station from a distance in the color me rad run.  Many runners are heading towards it.

One woman is throwing purple powder at another woman

Three women are walking through a cloud of purple powder, color me rad run

A man in yellow sunglasses who is covered in orange and red powder is throwing purple powder at his girlfriend

A woman runs out of a cloud of purple powder, her arms raised, many people behind her in the haze, color me rad run Toronto May 2015

A young girl in a frilly tutu and blue sunglasses is holding a spray can of colour and she is spraying the people around her.

sunglasses splattered with orange powder on the face of a smiling woman

color me rad run finish line with a few people crossing over it at the end of the race.  People are standing behind blow metal fences to watch the finishers.

A man is on stage and a lot of people are standing in front with the arms raised waiting for him to throw packets of coloured powder their way

5 lifeguard posts
5 art installations
5 places to sit and/or get out of the wind

All in one place – along the waterfront at Kew & Balmy Beaches
until 20 March 2015

1. Snowcone by Lily Jeon and Diana Koncan

Art installation that looks like a giant white pinecone on the beach in winter.  The inside of the parts of the cone are bright translucent coloured plexiglass

Looking from inside a dome shaped structure that is made of geometric shapes of coloured plastic, looking to the bright blue sky, with snow on some of the pieces of plastic.  Lots of bright colours.

From the inside of the Snowcone, looking up through the center.

 metal frame of a lifeguard stand surrounded by brightly coloured shapes of translucent plastic
2. Driftwood Throne by Daniel Madeiros

Beach in winter, snow, snow fence and lots of blue sky.  There is a wooden art installation that is also seating for those who want to sit and look out over the cold lake.

Lifeguard station that has been partially enclosed by a wooden structure.  Two people are sitting on the lifeguard chair with their backs to the camera

3. Sling Swing by Ed Butler, Daniel Wiltshire and Frances McGeown

The art installation, Sling Swing, in the breeze on a frozen snow covered beach.  It consists of large pieces of orange fabric slings hanging from a metal frame. One can use the slings as swings.

Two women sitting on the orange sling swings on a cold winter day at the beach

orange lovebot sticker inside an orange life ring on a lifeguard chair.  Pieces of orange fabric are draped around the chair.

4.  Wing Back by Tim Olson

Wooden structure on a winter beach between a snow fence and the lake

wooden structure on the beach in winter.   Part in painted red.  It is supposed to be a large chair, semi-circle, can seat a number of people.

5. Hot Box by Michaela MacLeod and Nicholas Croft

A large black box on a winter beach.  The box is large enough to fit several people inside it.

This one feels creepy inside. No windows. Interior walls form narrow passageways.

Stand Together,
a mural on Richmond St. East between Church and Jarvis streets.

Stand Together mural on Richmond Street, it is the back of a building as well as the back wall of a parking lot.  Four cars are parked in front of the mural which is 4 large arms and hands.  Together the hands are holding a city that is under a rainbow.

Painted by Spud, 2014

Far right side of mural, behind a low fence, bright green background with a long arm reaching across the photo.  A small tree stands in the corner of the parking lot, on the far right of this picture.  An apartment building is behind.  Spud bomb logo in the bottom right,  Center part of mural showing a city in 3D under a rainbow, on an orange background, and being held up by four large hands. The center part of the mural is a little 3D Toronto under a rainbow.
The CN Tower is there as well as a few cranes.  Perhaps you recognize other buildings?
It even has a painting of the mural in it!

Part of a mural showing wrists of two arms.  The upper arm is tattooed in black ink and the tattoo includes the word SPUD..  The bottom wrist is wearing a large blue bracelet.  The background is bright green and orange.

The whole mural from a close up angle, looking along the mural from right to left.

Just a collection of walls that caught my interest as I walked in the past few weeks.


reflections in the window of the OPG (Ontario Power Generation) building, a curved glass structure.

diamond blues


grey concrete wall

patches, cracks, and drips under a  bridge


close up of a maroon coloured drain pipe down the side of a house that is red and orange.

vibrant orange with drain pipe


Four storey brick building with large windowes with rounded arched shaped tops.  Yellow brick details around the tops of the windows.

Pattern of arches at George and Adelaide


close up of a concrete wall that has black paint (or something like black paint) spilled on the lower part of it.

black and white under grey


Close up showing part of a wood pallet that is leaning against a grey brick wall.

wood on brick, browns and greys


Today was a beautiful, sunny and warm October day.  The warmer than usual weather that we’ve been having continued today, the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend.  The nice thing about walking in downtown on a Saturday, especially the Saturday of a long weekend, is that there aren’t many people around.  Nobody to give me strange looks as I take pictures of things that most people just walk past.

Today I walked Adelaide Street between Spadina and University and back again.  I also took a detour along Pearl Street which runs parallel to Adelaide, but one street south.

a pinkish coloured wall with a yellow fire hydrant in front of it.  There is also a door and some grey steps on the right side of the picture

fire hydrant in the middle

blue sky and a yellow brick bulding are reflected in the many windows of a hotel

reflections in the windows of the Hyatt Hotel

in the washroom, Ravi Soup restaurant.  If you have never eated here, the food is fabulous, the restaurant smells wonderful and the staff are very friendly.

in the washroom, Ravi Soup restaurant, 322 Adelaide West.  If you have never eaten here, the food is fabulous, the restaurant smells wonderful and the staff are very friendly.  I highly recommend it.

A couple of tall buildings are reflected in the windows of the building across the street


the side of a brown building,  There are four long skinny windows.

close up photo of metal bars on a window and the shadows that they cast on a sunny day

criss crossed window

A wall where part is painted dark green and the other part is off-white.  There are three windows, each window has a metal grate over it.

green and white divided



Exploring the city, October 2012

tombstones in Mount Pleasant cemetery under tall trees with brilliant yellow leaves, as well as other autumn colours.

Mount Pleasant cemetery


rusty brown leaves on a young tree in the foreground, the bluish condo building on Queens Quay behind it, some reflections of autumn colours in the windows of the condo building.

Queens Quay West, late October


a black silhouette of a tree with no leaves, with a row of pink leaves on sumach trees in the background,

Ernest Thompson Seaton park


Mid sized maple tree with yellow and orange leaves

Alexander Muir Gardens, Yonge & Lawrence


stone fence with a row of vertical stones across the top. peaking over the top of the stone wall is a shrub with bright red and orange leaves, great autumn colours.

Stone wall beside St. Cuthberts chuch, Bayview Ave.


part of a tree branch with autumn leaves in front of a concrete University of Toronto building that has a horizontal line of windows that reflect other trees and leaves.

Northrop Frye Hall, Victoria University – University of Toronto


many trees in the foreground. a few have lost all their leaves while others still have yellow, orange, and rust coloured autumn leaves. Four large high rise apartment buildings are in the background.

Looking north towards Don Mills from the Millwood Bridge.

 But fall isn’t just about the leaves…..

bushel baskets full of apples for sale

Apples for sale!