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view of the stands for watching Honda Indy in Toronto, with flags flying from the top row, but not too many people in the stands because it's early in the day

Fan Friday at the Honda Indy, Exhibition Grounds. This is the day that entrance to the Indy grounds is free, although a donation to the ‘Make a Wish Foundation’ is encouraged. It was a day of practice laps and qualifying runs for a number of races. Although I started early, in a futile attempt to beat the heat, I missed a couple of events. I arrived in time to see the first practice for the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge.

four porsche race cars on the race track at Honda Indy

porsche race car on Honda Indy track in Toronto

I have never been to a car race before and although I have watched a few Formula One races on TV, I didn’t know what to expect this morning. I knew it was going to be noisy and I was glad that I had ear plugs with me. I wandered around and checked out as many vantage points as I could.

5 Porsche racing cars in the pit lane with many people around them, at Honda Indy in Toronto

When I first arrived and had my backpack checked by security, I was told that any camera greater than 10 inches wasn’t allowed. At that time I had a small lens on my camera so there were smiles all round. When I switched to a longer lens I was a bit hesitant… but I quickly realized that my camera was no where near the biggest. I also noticed that I might have been the only woman taking pictures.

porsche race car on Honda Indy track in Toronto

below: Trying to set a record for the fastest lap? Pushing the car to its position in the pit lanes in preparation to start the qualifying laps of the Pro Mazda (one of the rungs of the Indy ladder system of races).

two men in green shirts push a race car to its position in the pit lane, Honda Indy, Toronto

below: Being towed into the pit lane to prepare for the qualifying run.

four men on a cart tow a yellow yellow race car covered with DHL ads into place before the start of a race

These weren’t ‘races’ between cars. Qualifying is done by doing laps as fast as you can – a race against the clock. There were a few cars with mechanical issues but no crashes in the time that I was there.two race cars pass by stands at Honda Indy

below: Flags and fire extinguishers

flag man watches the race at Honda Indy, flags beside him as well as fire extinguishers

below: The tire comes off and the umbrella gets held.

standing around a race car pre-race

below: The next event (and the last one that I stayed around for) was the first practice run in the Verizon Indycar Series.

two nascar type cars racing on a track at the Honda Indy, some people sitting in the stands,

below: I don’t think it’s going to stop whatever the silly sign says…. racing along Lakeshore Blvd.

a blue car races on track with is along Lakeshore, behind two layers of chainlink fence

three men of three different ages stand on a grassy hill watching race cars practice at the Honda Indy in Toronto

below: Alas, I wasn’t an official photographer, so there was an extra layer of annoying wire fence in the way.

two Honda Indy official photographers get close to the race to take pictures of a yellow race car as it comes around a corner

below: Signing autographs after doing laps.

race car driver Harrison Scott signs autographs for young admirers

drivers of racing cars signing autographs for admirers

below: Spectators only get to see a small part of the track. Large monitors like this were scattered around the site showing video of the races

large TV screen mounted on a metal post outside the back of a truck, mobile TV network setup to cover the Indy. picture on screen is of part of the racetrack.
The Indy is in Toronto for the weekend as qualifying laps and practices continue, leading up to the final races. If you are near the Exhibition Grounds you’ll hear the cars as they race around the course….especially if you’re stuck in the traffic mess caused by all the road closures!

In Underpass park, some of the concrete supports holding up Eastern Ave have been painted by various street artists.  The pillars that are closest to Lower River Street feature people of all races, genders, ages, and colours entangled together.

A man and two kids walk their bikes past Underpass Park on Lower River St. in Toronto.  A road is above them.  Concrete supports that hold up that road have been decorated with paintings by various street artists.  Closest to the street, the pillars are people with their arms raised so it looks like they are holding up the road.  The horizontal part of the supprts are covered with pictures of people flying outward from the center.

Details of some of the people:

part of a street art painting, a black man with a yellow baseball hat, an older Chinese man with a small beard, as well as other arms and legs tangled up together

street artist painting of a woman with long black hair emerging from a bed of flowers.


street artist painting on a concrete underpass support, a white man is reading a read book with the titile Like.  A brown man's face is also in the picture.

street artist painting of a woman with long yellow hair emerging from a bed of flowers.

a street artist painting of a woman in a blue and white striped shirt flying with her arms outstretched.  Two pairs of feet as well as a pair of hands belonging to other people are also in the picture.

Color Me Rad, 5 km walk/run
Downsview Park, Saturday 30 May 2015,
in aid of Big Brothers and Big Sisters
15,000 participants of all ages

shoes covered with orange powder, and socks and legs

color me rad run near the start of the race when everyone is still clean

color me rad run, runners running under three inflatable orange banners

women wearing tutus in color me rad run

A man wearing a red baseball cap is running through a haze of purple powder - color me rad run

color me rad run through Downsview Park, on the path, past newly planted young trees, some runners are on the path running towards the camera while others are on another path running in the opposite direction

Two young men get hit with orange powder bomb, one of them gets it in the face

Young women wearing sunglasses, color me rad run

running through clouds of orange powder, color me rad run

running through clouds of orange powder, color me rad run - a woman in blue is throwing orange powder at a group of runners who are wearing white.  Two of the women are wearing white shorts with big letters spelling RAD on the back

Four runners running past a direction sign on the color me rad run

A child holds its mother's hand, color me rad run

color me rad runners

man with arms raised as a woman throws purple powder at him.

A child hold its father's hand, color me rad run

Two women wait with orange powder bombs in their hands, as a group of runners approach them, color me rad run

running through clouds of orange powder, color me rad run - three kids, the boy in front is clutching his arms to his chest and he is smiling.  A girl is beside him and smiling as he gets covered with orange powder

A young girl with a pink flower on her hair band, and wearing pink sunglasses is running through a cloud of orange powder, a couple of men are in the haze behind her

A young woman in pink shorts is jumping as she goes past those who are colour bombing in the color me rad run.  Her hair is standing on end.

One woman throws purple powder at another woman whose arms are raised above her head.

A woman with a lot of yellow and orange powder in her hair raises her arms as another woman throws purple powder at her.

Three color covered people are lying on the grass, heads together in a triangle, while a man takes their picture from above.

running through clouds of orange powder, color me rad run , a woman with 'Northern' written on her Tshirt is getting hit with orange powder.

running through clouds of orange powder, color me rad run - a group of runners

The orange powder station from a distance in the color me rad run.  Many runners are heading towards it.

One woman is throwing purple powder at another woman

Three women are walking through a cloud of purple powder, color me rad run

A man in yellow sunglasses who is covered in orange and red powder is throwing purple powder at his girlfriend

A woman runs out of a cloud of purple powder, her arms raised, many people behind her in the haze, color me rad run Toronto May 2015

A young girl in a frilly tutu and blue sunglasses is holding a spray can of colour and she is spraying the people around her.

sunglasses splattered with orange powder on the face of a smiling woman

color me rad run finish line with a few people crossing over it at the end of the race.  People are standing behind blow metal fences to watch the finishers.

A man is on stage and a lot of people are standing in front with the arms raised waiting for him to throw packets of coloured powder their way

Mud Hero – Urban Toronto
Ontario Place, 23 May 2015

6km course with more than 20 obstacles,
with lots of water and mud!

A row of muddy legs with very brown socks and filthy shoes, after the Mud Hero race

Ontario Place cinesphere, the dome, with an obstacle course being run in front of it

At Ontario Place, looking towards the meeting area for the Mud Hero race - where the race starts and finishes.  Some competitors are just heading out and some muddy runners are just coming back in.

A team dressed in bright pink tops await their turn to start the race at the course start line.

Two young women pose for the photo, being taken by a man whose back is to the viewer in this photo, before they start a race

A man with his back to the camera watches team mates jump through, and off the side of, old wooden boats that were once part of a tourist attraction at Ontario Place

Two young women, mud hero participants, pose for the camera

runners in a race around Ontario Place go through the old "loading zone" area.  Toronto skyline and CN tower in the background.

Two runners are holding hands as they cross a very tippy and wobbly floating bridge, many runners are behind them, waiting their turn to cross

runners on the beach with the Mississauga skyline in the distance

A couple is helping each other over the top of a wood A-frame climbing frame as they come over the top and change positions to go down the other side

crossing over the top of a green wood climbing frame.

A race organizer in a bright orange jacket stands on a platform between two large tanks filled with muddy water as racers wade through the chest high water

a group of people are wading through deep muddy cold water and they don't look happy about it

wading through deep muddy cold water

A young man stands on top of a car with his arms upraised in triumph as he proceeds through an obstacle course

A group of people running over some wrecked cars as part of an obstacle race.  They are muddy.

A couple holds hands while running across the roof of some wrecked cars

runners at Ontario Place, with part of the dome and white metal structures in the photo, only 2 runner, one coming down a blue ramp and one in the immediate foreground.  The man in the foreground is running to the right and is almost out of the picture

Competitors climb over the top of a very large and very tall rope climbing frame

people climbing over the top of a rope climbing frame

A muddy man balancing on a metal beam as he makes his way past some large green punching bags

People balancing on metal beams as they walk through many punching bags, as part of an obstacle race

The front of a Tshirt on a competitor at the end of the Mud Hero race, along with the medal earned for completing the course

A very muddy couple walks past the shower area after the Mud Hero race in Toronto, many people are trying to get the mud off themselves using hoses and cold water

A woman covered in mud poses for a photograph while a couple of people give her strange looks.

a person is holding a muddy pink running shoe, close up shot of the hand and the shoe