people overhead

Posted: July 20, 2015 in public art
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In Underpass park, some of the concrete supports holding up Eastern Ave have been painted by various street artists.  The pillars that are closest to Lower River Street feature people of all races, genders, ages, and colours entangled together.

A man and two kids walk their bikes past Underpass Park on Lower River St. in Toronto.  A road is above them.  Concrete supports that hold up that road have been decorated with paintings by various street artists.  Closest to the street, the pillars are people with their arms raised so it looks like they are holding up the road.  The horizontal part of the supprts are covered with pictures of people flying outward from the center.

Details of some of the people:

part of a street art painting, a black man with a yellow baseball hat, an older Chinese man with a small beard, as well as other arms and legs tangled up together

street artist painting of a woman with long black hair emerging from a bed of flowers.


street artist painting on a concrete underpass support, a white man is reading a read book with the titile Like.  A brown man's face is also in the picture.

street artist painting of a woman with long yellow hair emerging from a bed of flowers.

a street artist painting of a woman in a blue and white striped shirt flying with her arms outstretched.  Two pairs of feet as well as a pair of hands belonging to other people are also in the picture.


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