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I started walking Graffiti Alley the other day but I didn’t stick to my plan.  I meandered and wandered through other alleys as well as I generally headed west.

below: A bright, vibrant, wonderful piece by birdo in an alley north of Queen Street West.

a birdo mural on a garage door of a woman in grey tones with a round red mouth in the shape of an O. she is holding her hand up near her face and a bird is sitting on it. The background of the mural is red and greenish triangles.

below: Another birdo nearby

birdo mural on the side of a building, a red high heel shoe, a brown circle, a grey head plus the colourful geometric shapes often found in a birdo mural, in reds and turquoise

below: Only remnants remain.  Was it a stikman?  Or was it something else?

a tiny bit of a stikman is left on a post that is covered with spray paint.

below: Auston Matthews already has his picture on T-shirts.
It can’t be easy having the hopes of all those Maple Leaf fans resting on your shoulders.

in front of a store that seels T-shirts, a blue T-shirt based on the famous Obama Hope poster, but this time the portrait is of a Maple Leaf player with the word hope below.

below: Of course normal is boring. What I need is a t-shirt that says “rather be walking”

Two t-shhirts in a store window, a grey woman's t-shirt with the words Normal is Boring on the front and a black t-shirt with the words rather be in bed.

below: This wall is not new but there is usually a car parked in front of it when I walk past.  King Reign and Son of S.O.U.L. were two Toronto hip hip artists who passed away in 2016.

a wall in Graffiti Alley, layers of different artist's work, some uber 5000, some elicser, plus a grey ton picture of two men wearing caps with the words son of soul king reign written underneath them.

below: Stickers on a box

stickers on a small metal box on a brightly coloured wall. almost the whole box is covered, a lovebot heart, a pink cat, a blue octopus, a shark, plus some stickers that are ads for music or records.

below: I love the juxtaposition of the car in the mural with the real cars parked in the alley. Also the alignment of the first two walls makes the painting look like one.

in an alley, a white car is parked between a blue car and a mural painting of a blue car. There is also a mural of three people with the words summertime in the city.

below: This is another painting that I saw in Graffiti Alley.
I think that it’s new, or at least I don’t remember seeing it before.

a street art painting on the back of a building in an alley, a surreal piece with a cube with one side as a face, two creatures are floating out of the top of the cube - they are tethered to each other. The bottom creature is half in the cube and the surface of the cube looks like liquid.

below: Your words of advice for today.

a street art piece in an alley that is purple background with with a dripping brownish circle with two eyes and the words don't forget to drink water. The alley is also in the picture with parts of a couple of other murals visible

below: Fake. as in Fake news. Fake people. Fake money.  Fake graffiti artist?

the man from the monopoly game is painted on a wall. Someone has sprayed a white x through his face and written the word fake on his top hat.

below: These grey paper paste-ups have appeared on top of a number of street art paintings in Graffiti Alley.
I’m not sure who did it or why.
a grid of grey paper paste ups has been put on top of a abstract street art painting on a wall in an alley.

below: Blowing bubbles. Looks irresistibly ready for someone to pop it!
It was painted by @wamurals aka WayneArt

on the corner of Queen West and a smaller side street, the Convenience Canada store with a small white picket fence outside of it. On the wall is a mural of a woman blowing a big pink bubble with gum and the words head candy written above her head.

below: Hidden houses. Being pushed out by the big boys.

three layers, in the background a high rise building, in the middle ground, the tops of three single family homes on Richmond Street, in the foreground, poster covered hoardings for construction on Queen Stree West.

below: Half of a lovebot in a doorway.

half of a large black lovebot painted in a doorway (one side of him). A black lovebot with yellow details and a red heart.

below: A whole lovebot mixing it up with another creature.  I think it’s by grominator but I’m not sure.
I like to think of it as lovebot fighting his demons.

a lovebot mural in an alley, he looks to be fighting a grominator monster

below: Look up, way up, to find the switch from love to fear.
Yikes!, it’s switched to fear now and it’s not going to be easy to change it.

high on a wall, a small 3D lovebot heart beside a light switch that is love on one side and fear on the other.

below: Lucy and trouble and a weird looking face in a messy dimly lit doorway that assaulted my nose.

in a dimly lit doorway, a lot of scribbles and graffiti including a roughly drawn face, the word Lucy and the word trouble

below: Many of the planters along Queen West have been painted including this tribute to Gord Downie.

a rectangular cement planter on Queen Street west with pine and cedar boughs in it. The sides have been painted. On the end is the head of a lion, on the side is the word courage and a picture of Gord Downie from the music group The Tragically Hip

a rectangular cement planter on Queen Street west with pine and cedar boughs in it. The sides have been painted. On the end is the roman numeral 4 and a red heart. On the side is a black cat walking on a red background.

below: A little astronaut floats away. But he’s not up in the air where you’d expect to find him. He’s way down low near the ground.  Perhaps he’s not floating away, perhaps he’s falling back to Earth?

a small paste up of an astronaut floating in space, on a black wall, close to the ground.

Don’t over think it though.  Just keep your eyes open and ready for the unexpected!

Lovebot takes flight over the city
with a poser bunny tagging along for the ride,

beside 289 College St.

a mural on the upper storey of a two storey building.  Lovebot is flying above a city scene with a light brown poser bunny holding on to him, and flying behind him

More lovebots that I have seen in the past couple of months –
since back when there was snow on the ground. He certainly gets around!

 below: At the bottom of the stairs over the train tracks, Dundas West, in the Junction

a lovebot wheatpaste along with some other graffiti and street art on a concrete wall
below: A very large 3D looking lovebot in a little alcove on Keele St. near the railway underpass

very large new lovebot robot on a grey wall
below: lovebot waits to cross the street.

lovebot sticker on a yellow sign by the button one pushes when one wants to cross at a streetlight.
below: Lovebot and a friendly dinosaur together in the snow near the AGO

lovebot on a low brick wall, in the snow.  A black line drawn dinosaur is beside him.  Someone has scribbled 'I'm gay' on the lovebot

below: A rusty gameboy lovebot

gameboy lovebot on a metal wall that has become rusty
below: A lovebot and grominator hybrid

grominator and lovebot hybrid large wheatpaste, long red tongue sticking out
below: Standing beside Lee’s Palace, Bloor St. West

A painted lovebot about person height on a wall beside Lee's Palace on Bloor St - a building that is covered with intricate bright coloured pictures

below: Watching over Nathan Phillips Square

A pink and purple sticker lovebot on a glass wall

below:  Lovebot on a crumbling corner on Ossington

grey lovebot wheatpaste on a wall on Ossington Ave., it's down low so some dead weeds are nearby
below: Double!  Two lovebots on an old orange door at Queen and Sherbourne.

two small lovebots on an old orange door.
below: Lovebot waits for a TTC streetcar

 a lovebot sticker on a TTC bus stop pole

below: This lovebot lives with the folks at Toronto Collective

a little cement 3D lovebot statue stands on the floor of a store that sells cans of spray paint


Lovebot, the robot, can be spotted all over the city!

These are just a few of the places that I have seen him.

A very large lovebot on a brick wall.  He looks like he is walking away from a restaurant patio with its black round tables and bright orange chairs.

Walking away from the table, on Queen St. West.


Lovebot on a red brick wall with his arms out stretched as he releases a box into the air.  The box is being lifted upwards by balloons.

Releasing love with balloons, between Brigden Place and Queen St. East.


lovebot playing card on a wall.  In front of it are some orange and black traffic cones along with an orange construction sign on its side.

Seemingly stuck behind construction on Church St.


Lovebot now looks like he's been made into the king of hearts on a playingcard.  On a brick wall.

A more evolved king of hearts lovebot. This one is near Bathurst subway station.  There is an identical card on Mill St., just west of Trinity.


small concrete lovebot standing in a small patch of garden behind a low black wood fence.

3D lovebot behind a fence on Church St.  Seen just before Hallowe’en, hence the chains and “spider webs”.


Lovebot in the shape of an old gameboy, up on a brick wall, with tags below him.

Gameboy lovebot.


Wheatpaste lovebot up high on a concrete wall.  There are some black and white tags below him.

On a wall seen from Queen St. East, south side, between Ontario and Sherbourne streets.


A lovebot on a red brick wall.  A small white oval shaped figure is with him.

Near Harbord and Bathurst.  This lovebot looks like he’s ready to take on a construction crew.


A small concrete lovebot stands in the doorway of a childrens book store called Mabels Fables.

A lovebot lives outside of Mabels Fables on Mt. Pleasant.

for more information – Lovebot website