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Lovebot, the robot, can be spotted all over the city!

These are just a few of the places that I have seen him.

A very large lovebot on a brick wall.  He looks like he is walking away from a restaurant patio with its black round tables and bright orange chairs.

Walking away from the table, on Queen St. West.


Lovebot on a red brick wall with his arms out stretched as he releases a box into the air.  The box is being lifted upwards by balloons.

Releasing love with balloons, between Brigden Place and Queen St. East.


lovebot playing card on a wall.  In front of it are some orange and black traffic cones along with an orange construction sign on its side.

Seemingly stuck behind construction on Church St.


Lovebot now looks like he's been made into the king of hearts on a playingcard.  On a brick wall.

A more evolved king of hearts lovebot. This one is near Bathurst subway station.  There is an identical card on Mill St., just west of Trinity.


small concrete lovebot standing in a small patch of garden behind a low black wood fence.

3D lovebot behind a fence on Church St.  Seen just before Hallowe’en, hence the chains and “spider webs”.


Lovebot in the shape of an old gameboy, up on a brick wall, with tags below him.

Gameboy lovebot.


Wheatpaste lovebot up high on a concrete wall.  There are some black and white tags below him.

On a wall seen from Queen St. East, south side, between Ontario and Sherbourne streets.


A lovebot on a red brick wall.  A small white oval shaped figure is with him.

Near Harbord and Bathurst.  This lovebot looks like he’s ready to take on a construction crew.


A small concrete lovebot stands in the doorway of a childrens book store called Mabels Fables.

A lovebot lives outside of Mabels Fables on Mt. Pleasant.

for more information – Lovebot website