More lovebots that I have seen in the past couple of months –
since back when there was snow on the ground. He certainly gets around!

 below: At the bottom of the stairs over the train tracks, Dundas West, in the Junction

a lovebot wheatpaste along with some other graffiti and street art on a concrete wall
below: A very large 3D looking lovebot in a little alcove on Keele St. near the railway underpass

very large new lovebot robot on a grey wall
below: lovebot waits to cross the street.

lovebot sticker on a yellow sign by the button one pushes when one wants to cross at a streetlight.
below: Lovebot and a friendly dinosaur together in the snow near the AGO

lovebot on a low brick wall, in the snow.  A black line drawn dinosaur is beside him.  Someone has scribbled 'I'm gay' on the lovebot

below: A rusty gameboy lovebot

gameboy lovebot on a metal wall that has become rusty
below: A lovebot and grominator hybrid

grominator and lovebot hybrid large wheatpaste, long red tongue sticking out
below: Standing beside Lee’s Palace, Bloor St. West

A painted lovebot about person height on a wall beside Lee's Palace on Bloor St - a building that is covered with intricate bright coloured pictures

below: Watching over Nathan Phillips Square

A pink and purple sticker lovebot on a glass wall

below:  Lovebot on a crumbling corner on Ossington

grey lovebot wheatpaste on a wall on Ossington Ave., it's down low so some dead weeds are nearby
below: Double!  Two lovebots on an old orange door at Queen and Sherbourne.

two small lovebots on an old orange door.
below: Lovebot waits for a TTC streetcar

 a lovebot sticker on a TTC bus stop pole

below: This lovebot lives with the folks at Toronto Collective

a little cement 3D lovebot statue stands on the floor of a store that sells cans of spray paint


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