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at the corner of Redpath and Roehampton

A single family, two storey house stands alone in an otherwise vacant lot.  The houses around it have been demolished.  This last house has just begun to be demolished.  There are many apartment buildings in the background.

Between Lawrence and Eglinton, Mt. Pleasant Road passes over Burke Brook and Blythwood Ravine Park.
This is the graffiti that I saw under that bridge.

graffiti under a bridge - black and white picture of a man in jacket and tie and a hat with a brim.  The top part of his face is in shadow from the hat brim.  He iis shown only from the shoulders up

eyes in shadow


graffiti under a bridge - line drawing of a man's head with dotted lines dividing it into sections that are numbered

the numbers of a man


graffiti under a bridge - black and white line drawings of leaves and other biological looking creatures or things.  The words 'yellow ochre' and 'lylith lyl' also appear'

flora and fauna, lylith lyl


graffiti under a bridge - yellowish gold frame with large line drawing of a smiling person.

crooked smile in frame


graffiti under a bridge - Kat Will you Marry Me?  was the original words on the wall.  It is partially obscured by a tag.

Did Kat marry him?

graffiti under a bridge - Crisis?  Cress? In large red letters with green and black drawings above (under the beams that are supporting the bridge)

On Mt Pleasant Road, just north of Davisville Ave. is the Regent Theatre.  It is a rather nondescript brick building with an ugly white piece of something across the front.  Sometimes the names of the movies that are showing appear on the south side of that white thing (on the side you can’t see in the photo!).

The front of the Regent theatre, a two storey red brick building with a large ugly blank white sign across the bottom of the upper storey.

The Regent theatre today.

It was built in 1920 as the Belsize Theatre.  As you can see, the front of the building hasn’t changed much after almost 90 years.

old black and white photo of a stretch of Mt. Pleasant showing some stores and the Belsize Theatre.

Even back then the hydro poles and wires were an eyesore!

A mid life name change and it became the Crest Theatre.

old photo of the Crest Theatre from the late 60's or early 70's.

Crest Theatre – The movie ‘The 7 Year Itch’ came out in 1955.