Between Lawrence and Eglinton, Mt. Pleasant Road passes over Burke Brook and Blythwood Ravine Park.
This is the graffiti that I saw under that bridge.

graffiti under a bridge - black and white picture of a man in jacket and tie and a hat with a brim.  The top part of his face is in shadow from the hat brim.  He iis shown only from the shoulders up

eyes in shadow


graffiti under a bridge - line drawing of a man's head with dotted lines dividing it into sections that are numbered

the numbers of a man


graffiti under a bridge - black and white line drawings of leaves and other biological looking creatures or things.  The words 'yellow ochre' and 'lylith lyl' also appear'

flora and fauna, lylith lyl


graffiti under a bridge - yellowish gold frame with large line drawing of a smiling person.

crooked smile in frame


graffiti under a bridge - Kat Will you Marry Me?  was the original words on the wall.  It is partially obscured by a tag.

Did Kat marry him?

graffiti under a bridge - Crisis?  Cress? In large red letters with green and black drawings above (under the beams that are supporting the bridge)

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