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You may have noticed that I haven’t posted for a while.  Quite a while actually.
Reason # 1?  I spent some time on a beach.  It was sunny.  It was warm.

 Friars Bay and beach, St. Martin, Caribbean.  palm tree, turquoise water, white sand beach, rocks in the foreground, sunny blue sky day.  One boat in the water as well as a few swimmers

Not a Toronto beach!


but I didn’t visit the Queen

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I went to London, England that is.

I took some pictures, fancy that.

I even wrote a blog post about it and you can read  about it here.   (it’s a start, lots more to follow).
Maybe they’re talking about it?

paste up of two people crouching beside a door.

I went to Las Vegas and hit the jackpot with some great street art and murals!

exterior wall of a two storey building that has been covered with street art by a number of different artists

I’ve started a new page for Las Vegas street art and as usual, over the next few days I’ll be adding to it!

Last week I spent a few days in southern California where I found a lot of graffiti, street art and murals.

I have started to put together a collection of photos from this trip and you can find them on their own page or by using the menu at the top of the page,  Worldwide → USA → California murals

street art piece of Ronald Regan holding a sign that says 'Legislative Influence for sale'


Yes, there has been a shortage of blog posts here recently.

The reason?  A trip to Montreal for MuralFest, and a chance to walk parts of that city.

The result?  … of course! ….  a few blog posts about Montreal!  They are more to come over the next few days, but you will find them on the page labelled ‘Montreal’ – (link) or on the black menu bar that’s across the top of the page.

I had seen pictures of the mural painted earlier this year by Uber 5000 on the Pizza Pizza outlet at Victoria Park & Kingston Road.   Yesterday I found myself in that neighbourhood so I stopped to take a couple of photos too.  The afternoon sun made for some strong shadows along the west side of the building.

A Pizza Pizza store at the northeast corner of an intersectoin has been painted with a large, colourful mural. All possible surfaces have been painted.

on the northeast corner of Kingston Road and Victoria Park Avenue

When I was looking online to find out more information about this mural, I discovered that Uber 5000 has a blog too. If you are interested in his work, take a look at his website.

part of the mural by uber 5000 showing three uber chickens sitting on tree branches. This part of the mural is on the second storey and it includes the awning over a couple of windows.

up in the trees on a sunny day

Part of the mural. Chickens are reading newspapers.

Chickens chilling out on the west side of the building.

A giant green octopus covers most of the back of the two storey building including the heating vents.

A very happy octopus covers most of the north side of the building – great pairing of the air vents and octopus tentacles.

A giant green octopus covers most of the back of the two storey building.

happily playing in the water


my still life

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pills and a hospital ID tag sitting on a table.

My Still Life

Your choice – meniscus, PCL or just “soft tissue injury of the knee”.  The results are all the same – limited mobility. 

That’s my life at the moment, my still life. 

looking through the railing of a balcony towards other apartments and their balconies

I’ve titled this photo “Behind bars – how I feel”.   You can subtitle it as ‘A bit of silliness to make me smile as the lack of walking is starting to get me down.’



In 1913 the first of five Wychwood “Barns” were built by the city of Toronto as a streetcar maintenance facility. Streetcars accessed the site from the mainlines on St. Clair Ave., which is just to the north, via tracks on Wychwood Avenue.

There were five barns built from 1913 to 1921 as industrial buildings.  They are brick structures, two storeys high with an interior steel structure that was exposed. The facility remained part of the TTC until 1992. The City of Toronto currently leases the site to Toronto Artscape Inc., a not-for-profit organization that develops and operates space for the arts, at $1 a year on a 50 year lease.

Barn 1 has been converted into a private live-work studio and housing for community artists, while Barn 2 was made into a community gathering space, including a theatre. Barns 1 & 2 became a covered street that is two storeys high, 60 metres long, and 10 meters wide. Barns 3 and 4 are private-public spaces where non-profit organizations can operate.

Interior of the present day Wychwood Barns, central part. Historical photos of Toronto streetcars hang over the doors on the right.

Interior of the present day Wychwood Barns, central part (barns 1 and 2). Historical photos of Toronto streetcars hang over the doors on the right.

A greenhouse and community gardens are located in Barn four.  The roof was removed from Barn 5. All that remains is the steel structure that forms the arcade.

A large number 5 hangs over the remains of the fifth barn.

Barn number 5

part of an old wall showing the brick details.

Exposed interior wall


Sunflowers growing in the community gardens in barn 4.


finally….. a website!

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The website is now online:


Hopefully it was worth the wait!


site update

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