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MuralFest 2015 in Montreal – a few wonderful sunny days walking around Montreal.  Lots to see and do!  I spotted a few lovebots while I was there including this one:

a black lovebot sticker on a black pole with a bike parked against that pole and a pink and purple mural of faces behind in the background

More lovebot in Montreal pics on this site.

More Montreal (mostly street art and MuralFest) pics, also this site.

Yes, there has been a shortage of blog posts here recently.

The reason?  A trip to Montreal for MuralFest, and a chance to walk parts of that city.

The result?  … of course! ….  a few blog posts about Montreal!  They are more to come over the next few days, but you will find them on the page labelled ‘Montreal’ – (link) or on the black menu bar that’s across the top of the page.