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Anti Rob Ford protest

A cold but clear November afternoon at Nathan Phillips Square.

people, signs, cameras, writing, chanting, speeches, media.

Protesters at a rally, from behind.  Two people are holding signs.  One sign says Step Down and the the other sign says Or Fall Over

Step down or fall over.


A man is writing with chalk on a grey concrete wall.

The city’s budget has gone up! Every year Rob has been in office.


Nathan Phillips Square from the upper walkway, looking down at the crowd that has gathered for the protest

Nathan Phillips Square about 1:00 p.m.


A couple is holding an orange sign that says Councillors fix this mess now.  P.S. I vote.

There was a good mix of people there, young and old.


A large group of protesters

View of the crowd from part way up the steps just before they moved towards the front door of City Hall.


A woman is holding a sign that says Sh*!show RoFo has got to GO.  In the background there is a man who has a sign with a picture of the man from the Monopoly game showing that his pockets are empty.

Many creative signs.  RoFo, the man from Monopoly, gravy train…..

A protester is holding a sign that says It's not about the drugs, it's about the lies.  In the distance, a security guard watches from above

It’s not about the drugs, it’s about the lies.


Two people are writing words in chalk on a concrete wall.  A woman is standing on a garbage bin so that she can reach higher up on the wall.

Writing on the wall, about 12:40. I am not sure when the writing started, but when I first got to Nathan Phillips Square there wasn’t too much on the wall yet.


A man is walking past holding up a sign that says Gravy Train? What about Leadership?  In the background people are writing on the wall.

Of chalk and signs


A man is writing words on the concrete wall beside the ramp at Nathan Phillips Square.

A little bit later, a few more words on the wall as well as on the ground.   Sashay away!  Fraud Nation.  No to Drugs.  Harper + Ford = Corruption.  Help yourself & help Toronto, Step Down.


A man is writing in orange and blue chalk.  Old City Hall is in the background.

You smoked your own pipe.  More writing on the upper wall.


A woman is writing Get Help in purple and yellow chalk, on the ground

I assume that it became “Get Help”


A man is writing on the concrete ground as part of the crowd watches him.

Etobicoke, Ford Co. most wanted.


Protesters holding signs.

another view of the crowd


Two woman are holding bright orange signs.



A man and a woman are holding a very large sign with a picture of Rob Ford's face on it.

Resting on the Archer


Two people are writing on the wall, a woman has stopped to watch them and a man is taking their picture.

Protesters, spectators and photographers.  There were a lot of photographers!  A lot of media, print, radio  and television, were there too.  Newstalk 1010 (where the Ford brothers had their radio show) had at least one person walking around with a microphone.


A man holds a megaphone in one hand and a sign that says Say No To Corruption in the other hand.

Leading the chants


A picture of the cafe that is beside Nathan Phillips Square.  There are people sitting inside who are looking at the protest.  The protest can also be seen reflected in the glass.

Looking at the ones inside while the ones outside are reflected back


A man with a sign with lots of words on it is talking to a woman wearing a grey scarf.

wanted, A new Mayor!  asap


A woman is writing Pathetic Leave Toronto in coloured chalk on the concrete ground in the middle of the square.

Writing in the square.


A man in a bright orange hat and holding a protest sign, is taking a photo with his phone.

I got him and he got me (I probably got the better photo!)


#savetoronto  #topoli  #robford

With thanks to the Starbucks at Queen and Victoria where I was able to park myself and my laptop while I put this blog together.   Wifi and an electrical outlet for the price of a tall coffee, can’t beat it.