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Just over a week ago, I posted about the Raptors mural on Queen Street West and how there had already been two versions of it.  Now it has changed again!

This is what it looked like this afternoon:

mural of the Toronto Raptors, 5 players in their red uniforms along with the coach and Drake. On a storefront on Queen Street West.

below: All the TTC buses and streetcars have “We the North” signs in the window.

in the window of a TTC streeecar is a we the north sign

In just over an hour the Raptors will play the Golden State Warriers in Oakland California.  It will be their third game in the NBA finals – so far the series is tied, each team has won one game.  Stayed tuned!

on the exterior wall of the Eaton Centre is a large red sigh with black letters that say Go Raps Go

a white car is parked by the side of the road, it is decorated withlarge black letters that say We the North, it is also flying a black and white flag witgh the same words on it

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At the Coldstream Fine Art gallery near King & Spadina is an exhibit of photographs by Caitlin Cronenberg called ‘Strange/Beauty’.  Among the photos are some of Drake, Toronto’s own rapper and most visible Raptor fan. two photos by Caitlin Cronenberg. On the right is a night time photo of Drake, the singer, standing beside a car that has its front headlights on. The photo on the left is of 4 men, including Drake, sitting at a table, all dressed in suits. a photo of Drake sitting among many colourful flowers

Cronenberg was the photographer who produced the image for the album cover for Drake’s “Views from the Six” album. The cover shot, of Drake sitting on top of the CN Tower, is also in this show.  Some of these photos appear in the digital booklet that accompanied the album.  The album was released in April 2016.

A winter scene, Drake, holding the leash of a dog, outside, standing beside a rolls royce car that has been out in the snow, and standing in front of a large house with white columns in the front


Remember that these photos are behind glass, hence the reflections.  In other words, these photos on this page are merely representations of the real thing.  They look much better in real life.

The exhibit is on until June 8th.

Now that Honest Ed’s stands empty, the walls and windows have become home to advertising posters and graffiti.  Here is a sample of what was there yesterday.

below: Love mix #2 says “Music is the best way for me to say I love you”.

graffiti man drawn with two cassette tapes, one as head and the other as body, love mix #2,

below: Hermes 24 Eau de Parfum at $1500 per ounce.  Not sure what “extrait” means!

advertising posters and graffiti on a wall, graffiti is a mock ad for perfume at $1500

below: Urban ninja squadron and planet_selfie get together!

urban ninja squadron man with planet_selfie character in red with red helmet, pasteup on a wall

below: Topsy turvy wall. The puzzle pieces weren’t put together correctly!

graffiti on a plywood covering

below: Another ‘Diversity is Hope’ pasteup

diversity is hope pasteup with picture of black woman with dreadlocks

below: There are a few of these “Why didn’t Drake save Honest Eds” posters on the walls.  This is the only one that has been added to with “He had $2.00 less then (sic) God” and “He made 1 billion”.

Why didn't Drake save Honest Eds poster that someone has written on

below: You are free!

you are free is written in black paint on an old glass case on the outside of Honest Eds

below: Pasteup of Heath Ledger as The Joker

Heath Ledger as the Joker, paper paste up of the head and shoulders

below: Red and glittery gold.

red paper paste up with gold glitter all around it.

two paste ups on a red wall

old glass case for posters, red frame around the glass, posters stuck on the front of the glass

advertising posters and graffiti on a wall, graffiti is a mock ad for ladies watch at $3150. ad is woman holding a pine cone

advertising posters and graffiti on a wall, graffiti is a mock ad for men's shirts at $389

Canstruction is a non-profit competition where teams create sculptures of canned and packaged food that is then donated to food banks.  The event is held in many cities around the world including Toronto.  Since its inception in 1992, Canstruction has contributed more than 17.5 million pounds of food to food programs globally.

Planning for the 17th annual Toronto Canstruction began in January.  The “build night” where the teams come together to build the sculptures was held on the 16th of May at the Toronto Dominion Centre.  The sculptures are now in the many lobbies of the TD Centre buildings and they will remain on view until the 21st of May.  At that time they will be “decanstructed”.

A sample of this year’s entries:

below: A winning emoji, ‘EmojiCAN’ built by GM BluePlan Engineering Ltd.  Emojis, the little symbols popularized by social media, understood by everyone no matter what language they speak.

made of canned food, a large yellow circle meant to look like an emoji, winking with it's tongue out. It's about 5 feet high.

below: ‘Let’s End Hunger by All Measures’ by Walsh Canada. “Food Banks Canada estimates that in 2015 852,137 Canadians turned to food banks each month for food. The need for food banks spiked in 2009 and has hovered at record levels ever since.”

a large measuring tape (round and yellow) made of tin cans full of food to be donated.

below: A lovebot made of cans by Cecconi Simone Ltd.

A large 3D lovebot, about 6 feet tall, made of canned food stands in the lobby of the TD centre, it's an entry in the Canstruction event. Two men in suits are looking at it.

below: A close up of part of ‘Hungerbling’ by Hatch.  It features Drake and comes with lyrics.

You used to call me on my cell phone
Late night when you need my food
Call me on my cell phone
Late night when you need my food
And I know when that hunger bling
That can only mean one thing
I know when that hunger bling
That can only mean one thing”


made of cans, part of an entry for Canstruction 2016, pinkish cans of Heinz Disney , with a paper cut of a man's face. Simple body made of wrapped food.

below: ‘CANadian MAyPoLE’ by Candevcon Limited.  “We often dance around the issue of hunger, but this time the children have the formula to fight it.”

models of children made with packaged food. A girl is made with orange enfamil containers, bowl of noodles for head, tubes with orange packaging as a skirt, and cyclindrical packages of cookies as arms


below: Close up of ‘Perspectives on Hunger and Heroes’ by ARUP.  A tribute to the late David Bowie since “hunger has many faces”.

part of a large 3D design made of canned food in white, blue and pink with a few black details.