Andy Warhol at the AGO

Posted: July 30, 2021 in galleries
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The Art Gallery of Ontario has re-opened after several months of COVID lockdown. They have created an all new Andy Warhol exhibit in celebration.

This is some of what can be seen:


people standing in an art gallery looking a three large and colourful paintings by Andy Warhol of faces

below: Elvis Presley

a man in pale blue jacket and baseball cap stands in front of a portrait by Andy Warhol

below: Part of a series of images of an electric chair in different colours

two women look at prints of electric chair in 4 different colour tones

three young women look at two paintings of guns by Andy Warhol, large and on a gallery wall

a couple pass by six Andy Warhol paintings. Two of Debbie Harry and two of Dollie Parton and two of Mick Jagger

below: Debbie Harry

Andy Warhol portrait of Debbie Harry

below: Karen Kain

two portraits of Karen Kain, one on turquoise background and the other on light purple background

The exhibit is on until October 2021.

  1. icelandpenny says:

    Andy Warhol did Karen Kain? I am dumbstruck… Wonderful to know the AGO is open again. Was walking today in my old T-shirt from the AGO Basquiat exhibition yonk-years ago…

  2. Bob Georgiou says:

    Neat! There was a Warhol pop-up a few years ago which I enjoyed. Might have to check this out!

    • Mary C says:

      If it was the same pop up that I saw, it was mostly prints. The AGO show is a great collection of bigger and better works and a little less of the commercial stuff. It was one of the better AGO exhibits.

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