As I sort through the photos that I took this past summer, I keep finding pictures of street art that I have not yet posted.  The following collection were taken in the Dupont and Ossington area back in July.

below: A very horizontal piece by Cool Ethan, obviously

a long horizontal street art painting

below: A TTC streetcar passes by the Massey Harris building, a mural by Colin Turner Bloom.  This office building, at 915 King St. West, was built in 1883 as the headquarters for the Massey Harris Co.  It was declared a heritage building in 1973.  Since then it has been developed as lofts/condos.

A mural on a garage door by colin makes art, showing a large brick building with a TTC streetcar passing in front of it.

below: A city scene mural by Monica on the moon,  just off Dupont Avenue.

long mural, black background, white line drawing of a city scene by Monica on the Moon

close up of part of mural, white line drawings of a city scene, lots of houses and other buildings, on a black background on the side of a house. Small window as well as three trash bins are in the picture.

below: Another garage door

garage door covered with a street art painting of squiggly shapes in oranges and reds with dark grey background

below:  Up, up and away with a bunch of red balloons.

two stencil graffitis on a white garage door in a lane. One is of a girl standing on her toes and holding onto a bunch of red balloons that are up in the air. The other stencil is of a man from the shoulders up

below: Bobby with a gas mask, stencil on garage door in a lane.

stencil graffiti in black on a white garage door. London bobby (policeman) wearing a gas mask, from the waist up

below:  Two lovebots on Dupont.

two lovebots on a blue metal structure on a brick wall. The top one is a gameboy lovebot. The bottom one is the usual robot lovebot.

sticker on a white wall. Sticker says ADORE: for all the golden moments captured indoors and out

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