Mann masks

Posted: November 5, 2015 in galleries
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I happened to walk into the Queen Mother Cafe (on Queen West) this afternoon.  They often have original artwork displayed on their walls and today was no exception.  I found some intriguing and very creative masks.

A mask in beige, black and white mounted on the wall. The nose is a wrench. The white part looks like a mask across the eyes of the mask

They are the creation of Jeff Mann, a Kingston based artist.

four metal masks mounted like on a wall. One looks a reddish dog and one looks like a skull. They are made of car parts.

According to his website, Mann makes the masks mostly from car parts and shovels.  The ones here are only a sample of the collection I saw at the Queen Mother cafe.   In addition, there are pictures of more masks on Mann’s website.

close up of a mask hanging on a wall. It's made of rusty metal car parts welded together

A mask that looks like a cow. Large black and white face, a pinkish red body and four skinny spindly legs. Curly cue tail too.

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