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Today’s blog post comes from slightly farther afield than I usually venture.   I went northwest to the Jane and Finch area.  As I drove north on Jane street, I spotted some eye-catching paintings on the walls of the Driftwood Community and Recreation Centre.

below: ‘Unique’, a vibrant heart painted by Girls Club

A mural of a large multicoloured heart with peace symbols in circles floating around it. Words: by Girls Club 2013, 'unique'

below: ‘Rooted’ trees by Lil Bruxas and part of ‘United Freedom’ on the back wall

murals on three walls at the Driftwood Community Centre, two trees and a large face

below: ‘United Freedom’ by Essencia

A brightly coloured mural on a brick wall. A large oval face with music symbols on the left and butterflies on the right. Called united freedom and painted by essencia.

part of a mural on a brick wall, multicolour butterflies

below: A blackburn traffic signal box sits on that corner.  Straight from the jungle.

A metal box on a street corner, a leopard by street artist blackburn

close up of street art painting of a greenish grey leopard with blue eyes, nose and mouth

A little father south there are a couple of high rise apartment buildings on the northeast corner of Jane and Finch.   Each has a mural painted around one of the entrances to the building.

below:  ‘Be Inspired, Love Yourself, Educate Others’ by the BeLovEd movement,
painted by Shalak Attack and Fiya Bruxas, 2011.

mural painted on a wall of an apartment building at Jane and Finch titled 'Beloved', painted by Shalak and Fiya Bruxa in 2011. People doing various things.

Part of a mural

part of a mural by Shalak and Fiya Bruxa


part of a mural by Shalak and Fiya Bruxa

part of a mural by Shalak and Fiya Bruxa, a young woman holding a new born baby in her hand.


below: ‘Strong Women, Strong Community’ also by the BeLovEd Movement surrounds a doorway.  Although there is a sidewalk that leads directly to the corner of Jane and Finch, no one was using this entrance.  I was alone when I walked around this building from the parking lot by the main door.

mural across the lower level of a high rise building, surrounding an entranceway

part of a mural on the lower floor of a grey brick apartment building, women, one holding flowers, one resting her head on her hand, one sitting on the grass.

Strong Women, Strong Community are the words written on a mural, people painted on a wall


There is a gorgeous new mural on both side of a small lane on the west side of the Lula Lounge, Dundas Street West.  Painting by Fiya, Shalak Atack, Essencia, Smoky, Sweetman, and Sapiens.

part of a large mural - a South American woman with long braided black hair with a baby wearing a Peruvian hat on her back

part of a large mural - the head and neck of two colourful birds by the street artist fiya

part of a large mural - a man wearing a bowler hat and a striped jacket, seen from the shoulders up.

part of a large colurful mural, a large fish with a yellow and orange body and blue and green face, on a wooden fence
Part of a large colourful mural - seen through a fish eye camera lens.  The word Vida is written in capital letters and under it is written Life, also in capital letters but Life is made to look like the shadow of Vida.

Part of a large colourful mural, A woman's head, she has long dark hair that is braided at the back.

part of a large mural - close up of a tiger's face
part of a large colourful mural - a tiger in the middle, eyes iamongst green leaves on the right
Part of a large colourful mural - a large wrinkly man's face with round bulging eyes

part of a large colourful mural - a hand is reaching towards a birdhouse on a stand

street scene on Dundas West, sidewalk and store fronts, with mural in the alley just showing betweenthe Lula lounge with its orange, blue and white tiled front and a store with the sign Argentina on it.

 at the end of the alley

a garage door covered with a street art piece signed by smoky, a mural in the lane beside the garage is also visible

graffiti on a door of a large grotesque man's face with open mouth and what looks like blue ribbons coming out of his mouth, the blue ribbons continue on the concrete of the lane behind the door, and go towards the garbage bins beside the door.