below: Looking through a store window in the Distillery District towards the intersection Parliament & Mill.

Distillery District lighting store, looking through their windows, with reflections, a person walking past, horizontal lines, yellow and red desk lamps, an oval lamp hanging from the ceiling

below: Photography exhibit “Looks Like Us” hanging on the fence around David Crombie Park. The exhibit was produced and presented by Jamii in partnership with The Journal.

photograph of a protest in Istanbul Turkey taken by Serra Akcan, mounted on a chainlink fence beside a park

below:: Photo by Serra Akcan, Istanbul

below: Looking northeast at Parliament and Adelaide

new condo construction on the northeast corner of Parliament and Adelaide

below: Parliament and Queen Street East

northeast corner of Adelaide and Queen East

below: Queen Street East

new TTC streetcar travels westbound on Queen Street East past old brick storefronts, historic buildings, The Bullger Burger snad Steak, Convenience and Supermarket, 2 people waiting to get on streetcar,

below: Embedded in the sidewalk, a memorial to those who died in the fire at the Rupert Hotel.

Plaque in the sidewalk describing the Rupert Hotel fire of 1989 when a rooming house burned down, killing 8 people“Rupert Hotel Fire – On December 23rd 1989 a fire roared through the Rupert House Hotel, a licensed rooming house on this site.  Despite the heroic efforts of firefighters and several tenants, ten people died in the blaze, making it one of the worst fires in the history of Toronto.  The tragedy sparked action by municipal organizations to improve the conditions in rooming houses throughout Toronto.  This plaque was dedicated by the City and the Rupert Coalition in a special ceremony on May 18, 1993 in memory of the ten who died: Donna Marie Cann, Stanley Blake Dancy, Edward Finnigan, Vernon Stone, Vincent Joseph Clarke, David Donald Didow, John Thomas Flint, Ralph Orel Stone, Victor Paul Whyte. “

below: The 110 year old building at the corner of Parliament and Queen had a disabled fire alarm and no sprinkler system.

black and white photo from City Archives showing northwest corner of Parliament and Queen with the Rupert Hotel, also the Parliament Drug Store on the ground floor.  A billboard with an ad for Players cigarettes is on the wall of the building

below: Looking west along Shuter from Parliament

Looking west from Parliament street, the north side of Shuter Street including the Shuter St. Pharmacy, entrance to Poulett St, and some older small houses.  Taller, newer buildings in the background
below: Oye! International calling…..

signs in a small store window, written in a different alphabet, also ads for different calling cards for international phone calls, including specifically Africa
below: Metal gate across the entrance to Masijd Omar bin Khatab with Covid notices regarding masks.

metal gate over entrance to masjid with a sign on it was due to covid pandemic, bylaw you are required to wear a mask at anytime while you are entering the masjid

below: Maximum 3 customers; masks mandatory

rusty yellow metal grille closed in front of a store front with an open sign, ans some had written signs re opening hours

orange storefront with window.  metal grille over window, red plastic in bottom of window, broke sign in different alphabet over the window

below: Empty… Chicken Biryani $9

empty kitchen and restaurant, looking through the window into, with reflections of trees and cars in the window too

below: A very large bird about to make a call.

a small bell phone box mounted on a wall on top of a mural of a bird's head and upper body, purple and white background.  Very large bird with grey and yellow curved beak, black eye, spotted neck and chest

below: Across the playing fields of Lord Dufferin school – historic rowhouses on Berkeley Street with newer and taller glass & steel condos behind
old two storey brick rowhouses on Berkeley Street, across from Lord Dufferin public school.  Victorian houses, with tall glass and steel condo towers behind them

composite of 3 images.  First is carved stone piece from original 1876 Dufferin City School.  Two images of murals on the exterior wall of the school.  one is turtle island representation and other is the symbols of all the Toronto sports teams with CN Tower and city skyline

utility pole with many wires, an old brick warehouse that has been converted into loft apartments, a vacant lot surround by fence, a tall billboard seen from the back

below: Joker waits for a bus.

Man in a green jacket with dark green question marks all over it like the joker from Batman sits in a bus shelter as a woman walks past

below: From ‘Batman’ to ‘Star Trek’

A light grey car is parked in front of a tagged wall, the licence plate on the car says capt krk, for captain kirk of star trek fame

below: Northeast corner of Parliament and Gerrard

northeast corner of parliament and gerrard with Jennys convenience store with its red and white sign with kit kat advertising, billboard above the store, other stores adjacent to it, Jerk restaurant, Remedy Rx,

below: Towards Head Lane

Looking down an alley way towards Heads Lane

below: Another Cabbagetown lane

an alley in Cabbagetown

below: One of the entrance ways in Darling Terrace, one of a few rows of 5 or 6 houses built in the area in the late 1800’s that are still standing.

Semi circular window over the front entrance of a door in Darling Terrace, a row of orange painted houses with white trim on Parliament street in Cabbagetown
below: A second Cabbagetown terrace from the late 1800s

old heritage row houses - one white, then yellow, then bright red, then red brick

below: A third terrace building is Dixon Hall which has been a rooming house since 1929 and is in bad need of repair. It awaits renovations with help from the City of Toronto and Toronto Community Housing.

Dixon Hall, a series of rowhouses used as a rooming house is painted in purple and green.  it is boarded up and is about to be renovated

front door of a house behind a wrought iron gate with plaque on it that says Never mind the dog beware of the owner

signs and pictures in the window of a restaurant, open for takeout from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

below: Welcome to Cabbagetown, mural on the side of the LCBO

part of the Welcome to Cabbagetown mural, a head of green cabbage with some other leaves around it

below: Laneway views

in an alley, view of back of houses with exterior staircases, fences, rubbish bins, parked cars, jumble of lines

below: Northeast corner of Parliament and Amelia streets

northeast corner of parliament and amelia streets

workmen pruning trees on a city street, one man is leaning against a tree, a pedestrian in navy blue jacket and mask is walking past on the sidewalk, stores along Parliament street

below: Southwest corner of Parliament and Wellesley

southwest corner of Parliament and Wellesley with Pizza Pizza ad on the corner above Jamestown Milk convenience store

below: Looking stranded, New World Laundry at St. James Town

an older single family house now the New World laundry, stands alone with a St. James Town highrise behind it

below: View from St. James cemetery towards new condo development at Bloor and Parliament

view from inside St. James cemetery, looking over some tombstones and monuments with large highrise of St. James town and newer condo development being built in the background, cranes, under construction,

below: St. James cemetery

church building with copper green steeple on a small hill in a cemetery, St. James cemetery

below: Grave marker for those who donated their bodies to medical research at the University of Toronto

grave marker in St. James cemetery with bouquets of flowers around the bottom, University of Toronto faculty of medicine memorial for those who gave bodies to medical research, remains are buried here

an abandoned pair of shoes on the ground beside concrete railing of bridge over Rosedale Valley Road
below: Parliament ends at Bloor Street just west of where it passes over Rosedale Valley Road

In early spring, no leaves on trees yet, large trees beside the Bloor street East bridge over Rosedale Valley Road

below: Looking west, Bloor Street East towards Yonge & Bloor.

view from Bloor street east bridge over rosedale valley road, looking towards downtown and the skyscrapers of the city near Yonge and Bloor.  looking mostly west

paste up graffiti on a pole, a drawing of a portrait of a woman in profile, drawn in black but shaded in blues and greens

below: It is with a heavy heart…. May your day be better than this!

yellow poster with words on a chain link fence  words say it is with a heavy heart that i must confess my ambitions have backfired


See more about Bloor & Rosedale Valley Road in a previous post.

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