February thaw

Posted: February 23, 2020 in locations, nature, people
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This weekend saw the temperatures rise high enough draw people outside.  A lot of the snow melted and there was hope in the air – hope that winter won’t last too much longer.  This being Canada, winter can last as long as it wants!…  And that’s often into April.  In the meantime, it was great to enjoy the weekend.

a family of three, mom, dad, and toddler, walking on snowy path at Wilket Creek, with toddler in middle

below: A quiet sunny spot to sit

a young woman in a red jacket sits on a bench at Wilket Creek Park and reads a book in the sunshine.

mostly frozen creek with snow on the banks and rocks in the shallow water

below: Taking selfies on the rocks at Edwards Gardens.

two women standing on the rocks in the creek at Wilket Creek park, taking selfies

below: Watching the ducks on the partially frozen Wilket Creek.

ducks on partially frozen river, small bridge in the distance, a mother and daughter waiting to feed the ducks

puddle on the path and reflections of part of the people close to it.

forest of trees in winter

young trees on riverbank, snow, and frozen water in the background

a couple sits on a bench, from behind, in winter clothes, snow on the ground in the park

  1. icelandpenny says:

    I *thought* I recognized the location, before you identified it! (So this is a pointless, totally self-congratulatory comment… ah but, then again, the meaning of a post, like any work of art, lies in the viewer’s interaction with it… And sometimes that interaction is as trivial as all-get-out.)

    • Mary C says:

      Nothing wrong with self-congratulatory….. I have been guilty of a few of those myself! Nor is there anything wrong with trivial interactions!

      • icelandpenny says:

        Moe seriously, your blog keeps me updated on the places & things about Toronto that I always liked to notice for myself – so it’s always a great vicarious visit

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