‘Space’ is a series of commissioned works for Mercer Union Centre for Contemporary Art.  These works appear in the billboard space on the side of their building on St. Clarens Ave (at the corner of Bloor Street West).   At the moment, the 4th in the series, ‘Many Maids Make Much Noise’ by Olivia Plender is on display.

words in dark blue written on a white board that is fastened to a brick wall, behind a rust coloured metal fence

Transcription (wordpress has trouble with the formatting I’m afraid):

“1) Imagine you are chewing a piece of very tough meat. Begin
to chew grossly and use the full movements as if trying to break down a gristly lump.

2) Maintain the chewing action whilst repeating the following sentences:
Mutton makes a meaty meal
Militant miners means more money
Many maids make much noise

3) Now try it in a group and repeat several times a day.
Many maids make much noise
Many maids make much noise
Many maids make much noise
Many maids make much noise
Many maids make much noise
Many maids make much
Many maids make
Many maids


The words are the instructions for making sounds, especially the sound of the letter m. This seemingly mundane exercise is given political overtones by the choice of the sentences chosen to practice on.

This billboard is scheduled to remain until January 2016

Mercer Union website

  1. Thank you for posting this, Mary!

  2. icelandpenny says:

    I’m enjoying all your images, some of which I know and more of which are wonderful discoveries. There is magic to these life-size bronze statues, is there not? Northrup Frye shown above, Jack Layton at the ferry terminal, Al Waxman in Kensington — another I know, in Havana, of John Lennon, like Frye on a bench inviting someone to sit down beside him. Perhaps part of the magic is that each is so well placed, and each invites public engagement.

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