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And the point of the game is this:


How many views of the CN Tower do you think there are?
I suspect the answer is something like “bazillions” but I am willing to try to see how many I can find.

below: From far away. Looking eastward across Lake Ontario from Humber Bay park.

looking across a hazy Lake Ontario to the TOronto skyline

Some of these views you have probably seen before…  and perhaps many times before.
But, I  hope that some of these views are new to you.

below: Zipline at Canada Square, part of EpicIsOn event


below: From the east, across Sherbourne Common, late afternoon

Sherbourne Common looking towards downtown and the CN tower. Splash pad with fountains in the foreground with late afternoon sun shining on the water

below:  And from the west


  below: Behind a busy intersection, King and Spadina

the intersection of King and Spadina in Toronto with a wide angle lens. People are crossing the street, there is a streetcar and lots of streetcar wires. THe LCBO and Winners are in the background as well as the CN Tower
The CN tower between two skyscrapers


below: behind Queen St. West

Looking towards shops on Queen Street West with the CN Tower behind.

Musicians play on the rood of the Fairland grocery store in Kensington. The CN Tower is a bit hazy but it is visible in the background.

below: The CN Tower peaks out from between the pencil supports at OCAD

Looking through the pencil like supports to the black and white upper lever addition to OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design). The CN TOwer and other tall toronto buildings are in the background.

This post is a continuation of another CN Tower post, Always in the way, from last year.

Happy December!

Stay warm!

skating rink with brightly lit Chrsistmas tree behind it

It’s a chilly evening but skaters take to the ice at Nathan Phillips square. Christmas stars overhead and a brightly lit tree in the background for it’s December again.

Manifesto, in an alley, appropriately enough.

graffiti covered cardboard boxes put together in a robot shape.  The face (or head) is a white light.  It's an alley.

“You can’t silence my thoughts”


manifesto cardboard box graffiti covered robot like structure in an alley at night

faces on both sides




cardboard box robots in the alley, manifesto for nuit blanche


Nuit Blanche, night of October 4 to morning of October 5

people on a street downtown at night.  3 large orange cranes with many small palm trees in their baskets overhand the street.  they are well lit from below.

Queen Street West near John St., 4:30 a.m.


Stacks of inflatable globes of the world form walls and columns that leave paths for people to walk through.

Walking through the worlds, hundreds of inflatable globes. Even at 4:30 a.m. there was a long line to enter this installation.

some of the inflatable globes.

A bright yellow box with the sign "scraming booth" sits on a sidewalk.  There is a line up of people waiting for their turn to scream.

waiting for the screams


rolls of light green toilet paper are stacked to make short walls as part of an art installation.

tissue in greens and yellows.

rolls of orange and red toilet tissue look like candles

Looking like candles on tall metal candlesticks.


Three people are performing aerial movements on ropes hanging from the ceiling in a large dimly lit space



a woman is sitting on the ground with a large rope beside her.