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Enter if you dare!

small fence with skull, lock and chain, and yellow caution tape in the front of house just before Halloweeen

To houses guarded by skulls

a skull sits on the porch at the top of the stairs.

and ghosts.  Where skeletons rise out of the ground

ghost made of fabric tacked to a tree in front of a house with porch and front yard all decorated for Halloween

skeleton and tombstone in the front yard of a house, porch has pumpkins on it

Where spider webs cling to everything – is that spider nearby too?

railing on front porch with orange webbing and large fuzzy black spiders, also orange skulls in the bushes beside the porch

front porch and front yard of a house decorated with halloween, web, spiders, aliens, red lights, blue lights,

glow in the dark spider (very large) and webbing all over front porch of a house, pink and blue lights

three small houses, each with front porches lit up and yards decorated for Halloween, Halloween night and trick or treaters are out with their parents

Halloween night, early evening, not quite dark, a street scene where one house has a lot of inflatable characters on the lawn as decorations

Halloween night, trick or treaters at the door of a house with lots of tombstones and skulls, also the porch is lit by an eerie green light.

ghost made of white fabric waving in the breeze in front of a house, night time, window lights on

Happy Halloween everyone!

two carved pumpkins on front door steps, one carved with a witch and the other with a cat, also a sign that says Happy Halloween

This is a “Thursday door” post.  If you are interested in doors and want to see other people’s blog posts about doors, start with Norm 2.0’s blog post.  At the the bottom of that post you will find a link to many more!

Nuit Blanche, night of October 4 to morning of October 5

people on a street downtown at night.  3 large orange cranes with many small palm trees in their baskets overhand the street.  they are well lit from below.

Queen Street West near John St., 4:30 a.m.


Stacks of inflatable globes of the world form walls and columns that leave paths for people to walk through.

Walking through the worlds, hundreds of inflatable globes. Even at 4:30 a.m. there was a long line to enter this installation.

some of the inflatable globes.

A bright yellow box with the sign "scraming booth" sits on a sidewalk.  There is a line up of people waiting for their turn to scream.

waiting for the screams


rolls of light green toilet paper are stacked to make short walls as part of an art installation.

tissue in greens and yellows.

rolls of orange and red toilet tissue look like candles

Looking like candles on tall metal candlesticks.


Three people are performing aerial movements on ropes hanging from the ceiling in a large dimly lit space



a woman is sitting on the ground with a large rope beside her.