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There used to be this birdo mural (aka Jerry Rugg) on the northeast corner of Borden and College….

birdo street art on a rust coloured brick wall. Two animal like creatures in greens, blues and rusts. They are larger than life size, taking up most of the side of the building, up to the second storey level.

It’s gone now; replaced by this painting:

mural on the northeast corner of Borden and College streets

There are a few animals such as this blue bull in the mural with a lot of textual stuff.

blue bull in a mural, with lots of text throwups around it

below: There is also what looks like a little green humanoid squatting in the corner.  Are those UFO’s in the mural as well?

green alien humanoid figure squatting

below: Across the street is another animal theme mural; this time, it’s pink pigs.

mural of two fat pink pigs

Just north of College Street, Cyril Lane runs east from Borden.  Back in April 2015 I posted about some of the street art that I saw in Cyril Lane.  There haven’t been too many changes in 6 1/2 years but I thought that I would ‘update’ the photos from this lane just the same.

traffic signs on a pole in front of red brick rowhouses, Cyril Lane, plus no parking

below: I think it’s still trying to say something – and has been since before April 2015.

street art painting of a large white ckull with yellow teeth and a blue word bubble coming from its mouth

below: These two people date from the summer of 2015 and you can see what they looked like when new in this blog post (click).  I am not sure if the paint was purposely removed from the eyes or if that was an area more prone to peeling.

mural on an orange brick wall, two men with short black hair and very pink faces, paint has peeled away from or been removed from the eyes

below: Also from the summer of 2015 (there are actually 3 men in the mural):

part of a mural, two men with short hair, one has his arm around the shoulder of the other, head and shoulders view

below: Yoda peaks out from behind the wall.

a little green yoda like figure with a red baseball cap, peering out from behind a door

below: a face in blue and white by Philip Saunders

blue and white line drawing of a face on a brick wall

back of kaiser hotel, with philip saunders paintings of heads on two levels, other paintings there too

looking westward on Cyril lane, behind kaiser hotel

backs of upper levels of red brick houses, seen from an alley behind

Some new people that I saw in a couple of alleys this week;
Ladies in the Milky Way and gentlemen behind College Street.

below: Six naked women can now be found in the Milky Way

mural street art painting of a naked woman, two pink women holding hands, drawn with purple outlines, on a pink background, with some green plants in the painting too

mural street art painting of a naked woman, three pink women standing together, drawn with purple outlines, on a pink background, with some green plants in the painting too
mural street art painting of a naked woman, pink woman with purple outlines, on a pink background, with some green plants in the painting too

below: And now for the men.  Back in April I posted a few photos from this location, at the end of Cyril Lane and running behind the north side of College Street just east of Borden.  The cartoon like mural on the wall of the Kaisar Guesthouse (to the right) was there then.  The other faces are newer additions.

Two walls covered with street art. One wall has a mural for the Kaisar guest house. The other wall has a man's head and hand that is pointing to an exterior staircase.

mural street art of three men from the waist up. All have short hair, one with green shirt, one with orange shirt and the third with a white shirt,

mural street art of two men's heads, each under a window and each with curly hair. They are bright pink on an orange background


Graffiti and street art murals seen in Cyril Lane recently.

large white skull with yellow teeth, and mouth partially open painted on a wall by a metal exterior staircase.  The skull is talking black symbols all jumbled up in a blue speech bubble.  There is a bike parked in front of the stairs.  Perhaps the skull is about to eat the bike?

street art in a lane, view looking down the lane.

Mural of cartoon-like people

below: Rear entrance to Kaisar Guesthouse and Spic & Span Laundry

Graffiti and mural on the back of a coin laundry, spic and span laundry, and back entrance to Kaisar Guesthouse.  Yellow and red tag with a picture of a guy wearing a red and white striped shirt.

below: Annie doesn’t look very pleased to be behind bars!

A white cat head, wearing a crown.  Sad face on the cat.  Large letters spelling "annie" written beside the cat.  She is behind a locked metal bar gate.

below:  Lee Matasi, aka Avers, was an artist and skateboarder from Vancouver.
In 2005, just before his 24th birthday, he was murdered in downtown Vancouver.

Picture of an orange pop can being crushed by a white hand.  There are drops of red liquid (blood?) coming out of the straw that is in the top of the can.  The words "Lee Avers Matasi" are written in block letters above the picture.
pink and pale orange graffiti tag painted on a brick wall in a Toronto alley