Cyril Lane

Posted: April 7, 2015 in graffiti and street art, locations
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Graffiti and street art murals seen in Cyril Lane recently.

large white skull with yellow teeth, and mouth partially open painted on a wall by a metal exterior staircase.  The skull is talking black symbols all jumbled up in a blue speech bubble.  There is a bike parked in front of the stairs.  Perhaps the skull is about to eat the bike?

street art in a lane, view looking down the lane.

Mural of cartoon-like people

below: Rear entrance to Kaisar Guesthouse and Spic & Span Laundry

Graffiti and mural on the back of a coin laundry, spic and span laundry, and back entrance to Kaisar Guesthouse.  Yellow and red tag with a picture of a guy wearing a red and white striped shirt.

below: Annie doesn’t look very pleased to be behind bars!

A white cat head, wearing a crown.  Sad face on the cat.  Large letters spelling "annie" written beside the cat.  She is behind a locked metal bar gate.

below:  Lee Matasi, aka Avers, was an artist and skateboarder from Vancouver.
In 2005, just before his 24th birthday, he was murdered in downtown Vancouver.

Picture of an orange pop can being crushed by a white hand.  There are drops of red liquid (blood?) coming out of the straw that is in the top of the can.  The words "Lee Avers Matasi" are written in block letters above the picture.
pink and pale orange graffiti tag painted on a brick wall in a Toronto alley

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  2. […] runs east from Borden.  Back in April 2015 I posted about some of the street art that I saw in Cyril Lane.  There haven’t been too many changes in 6 1/2 years but I thought that I would […]

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